“Tiger Roaring Heyday” public Calligraphy and painting exchange exhibition to welcome the Spring Festival appeared in Lanzhou National Academy

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China’s gansu province network – on February 6 According to lanzhou daily reports 3, the reporter learned that, from now on to February 15, “roars time” Spring Festival mass painting and calligraphy JiaoLiuZhan XueGuan honour kingle held in lanzhou countries, from xiang-dong guo, extended the wind, hope to zhao, wujin chau, and many other well-known painter-calligrapher 63 in gansu province fine painting and calligraphy works of concentration,In the New Year’s festival for the city’s vast number of painting and calligraphy lovers presented a inky art feast.The exhibition, sponsored by Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, undertaken by Lanzhou Institute of Chinese Studies, and co-organized by Lanzhou Distinguished Artists’ Painting and Calligraphy Exchange Center, aims to create a strong traditional cultural atmosphere for the masses of citizens with excellent works of brush and ink.With the theme of “Celebrating the New Year”, the artists and calligraphers at the exhibition fully displayed the historical beauty, natural beauty and cultural beauty of the ancient Jincheng, as well as the love of hometown and the feeling of praising the prosperous times.This, mutual xiang-dong guo, extended the wind, hope to zhao, wujin changzhou and asvaghosa, Liu Jinghe, Jin Qingli, NieJianSheng, Li Xiaoping, Zheng Shengde, BingGuangQuan, Zhang Yao Xuan, Ma Yanshan, liu hui, QiJiQing, Tian Jizhen, Liu Huiyun well-known painter-calligrapher 63 works in the exhibition, in our province are artists who work of fiction, calligraphy ZhuTi both ability and political integrity,Paintings are rich in themes, landscapes, flowers and birds, and figures, with a style of majestic or elegant.”The purpose of this exhibition is to create a strong traditional cultural atmosphere for the citizens.”Wang Wei, curator of Lanzhou Institute of Chinese Studies, told reporters: “The exhibition of painting and calligraphy works is rich in content and novel in idea. We strive to build a platform for painting and calligraphy lovers through the exhibition, further promote Traditional Chinese culture and welcome the New Year of the Tiger.”This painting and calligraphy exhibition has attracted many painting and calligraphy lovers to the scene.I saw the respect of the pavilion is covered with painters and calligraphers art masterpieces, see that each piece of work is carefully created.There are grass, li, zhuan and other types of calligraphy, but also ink painting, landscape painting, flower and bird painting and other paintings, a masterpiece with ink fragrance, like a beautiful spray in the sea of art bloom, forming a thick winter picture scroll.”I like painting and calligraphy very much, and I was looking forward to seeing the calligraphy of famous artists up close, so I came here early today.I brought my child to the exhibition, so that she can have a meaningful Spring Festival.The quality of the painting and calligraphy exhibition is very high, and the exhibition happens to be during the Spring Festival holiday. Friends who like painting and calligraphy can walk into the Lanzhou Institute of Chinese Studies together to feel the cultural feast.”Liu, the audience said.Li Chao, chief reporter of lanzhou Daily