Winter Olympics family 14: Cheng Yifan meets his dream lover

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Speed skating, Cheng Yifan received a call from an old friend said he came to Beijing, but also to speed skating, so he let Cheng Gong training to bring home cheng fruit.Circle circle found cheng Caizi abandoned school to take pocket money to buy novel buckle pocket money, she also arranged the weekend schedule, let cheng Caizi doubt himself after all is not a circle of biological, she is simply a control freak!Cheng Yifan’s old friend Yuling came, the last time we met was the time of the Beijing Olympic Games, a decade did not see, Cheng Yifan hospitality yuling.Yuling divorced her lover, and now the children are old enough to live without her.Think that sun Meiying did not give Yuling look, a flash of the past so many years cheng Yifan invited her to sit at home, after all, Sun Meiying is not so small-minded, they are teammates.Yuling this time back not so much time, just want to have a meal together with Cheng Yifan and Liu Tianyuan, about the weekend.Cheng Yifan took out a mobile phone, and Yuling took a selfie as a souvenir, after going back with their photo to find Liu Tianyuan, said to eat together at the weekend.Liu Tianyuan heard yuling divorce immediately play up the spirit, although Yuling did not like him, but men unmarried women did not marry this is the right thing, Cheng Yifan unconvinced and Liu Tianyuan fought up, Liu Tianyuan afraid of Cheng Yifan bad his good thing, decided to think of a way.Cheng Caizi hunger strike, Cheng Yifan back even do not eat rice, said to keep tomorrow to eat a big meal.Cheng Feng quietly sent the food to cheng Caizi room, advised her to turn around and say, after all, she is neither soft nor hard.Cheng Caizi had to take a good paper to apologize and circle circle, and put forward a small suggestion hope she dont so control yourself, she will arrange their own time, the circle had promised, cheng Caizi accidentally said baldness mouth circle circle and buckled her pocket money.Round said there is a seminar over the weekend, Cheng Yifan must follow yourself, Cheng Yifan thought or decided to push yuling dinner.Cheng Caizi to cheng fruit room to hide his just bought novels, afraid of being found by the circle, cheng fruit deeply sympathized.Liu Tianyuan ran to Sun Meiying said Cheng Yifan recently very strange, Sun Meiying also remembered Cheng Yifan’s recent strange move, originally because Yuling returned home, Cheng Yifan also dont tell her this thing.Liu Tianyuan said Cheng Yifan conspired, Sun Meiying, of course, won’t let him go to dinner with Yuling.The second day Cheng Yifan just want to go out to the seminar was Sun Meiying and Cheng Gong, Cheng Feng left, they blocked the door don’t let Cheng Yifan go out, also let him open a review will review the home of disloyalty, today he can’t go on a date with his dream lover.Cheng Yifan this just understand they misunderstood, but Sun Meiying they do not believe, said Cheng Yifan recently clearly have ideas, wronged Cheng Yifan jumped into the Yellow River also wash not clear.Cheng Yifan secretly want to run just cheng Long caught, three children directly put Cheng Yifan carried into the house, cheng fruit and Cheng Wit.Cheng Caizi hidden in the cheng fruit room of the novel was also found round, this even pocket money is finished, Cheng fruit advised her to complete the task as soon as possible, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable.Cheng Gong and Cheng Long locked cheng Yifan in the room, their brother and sister three all toward Sun Meiying.Did not expect this time round back to find Cheng Yifan to open a seminar, we just understand the misunderstanding, hurriedly pass the buck to each other, Cheng Yifan was released after chasing their siblings three dozen.