A Dream of red Mansions: Lady Wang Xifeng is not illiterate!She is good at reading and math in her head

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Wang Xifeng is not illiterate!!Not only can she read, she can write poetry!She’s just not good at poetry.When she was in the Wang family, she also went to school, she was in the rongguo Mansion housekeeper, contact with the gift sheet, ledger she can understand, division chess love letter or Wang Xifeng read out!!However, Wang Xifeng should not be able to read and write, but she is proficient in the art of war, opening her mouth to 36 tactics, use is also 6 strokes.And she was so good at mental arithmetic that she could tell by reading the books that two expenses had been miscalculated.Although Wang Xifeng is after the count, the eldest lady of the Wang family, but the Wang family is a military general, did not pay attention to the children’s reading education.Mrs. Wang can not even say the order of wine, Aunt Xue is very vulgar, the wang family guixiu cultural level combined, may not be as good as jia Mother around the mandarin duck.Wang Xifeng is not illiterate, she went to school, also know the word, but also poetry “dream of red Mansions” in Wang Xifeng is certainly not illiterate, she not only read, she will also recite poetry, and she went to private school at home, “scientific name” Wang Xifeng is the name taken when going to school.Regardless of the level and size of the ancient private school, literacy education was introduced in The beginning. The thousand character Text, the Three character Classic and the Hundred Family Names were written in red.Reeducation through search have been served as a man, she even stubborn youth naughty, don’t study hard, see she is the girl in the home, but also many requirements, but her brothers are all go to school to read a book, she even in order to find a partner to play, also can barely get on well in the school, with her clever, learn a “thousand character classic” is easy?Even if can’t write, write and not good, can recognize some of the words.”A Dream of Red Mansions” seventy-fourth inspection of grand View Garden, wrote: “Because of the director of the office, Sister Feng often read the opening and accounts, also quite understand a few words.She not only understand pan and Ann to Si Qi’s script, but also read out on the spot.There were 115 characters in pan youan’s copy for Si Qi. Sister Feng felt no pressure to read it, so she must have known more than one or two hundred characters.In the twenty-eighth chapter of a Dream of Red Mansions, Sister Feng caught a young man named Baoyu and asked him to write a list: “Forty pieces of red satin, forty pieces of python satin, one hundred pieces of yarn, four gold necklaces.”Bao Yu said, “What is this?It’s neither a bill nor a gift. How do you write it?”Feng elder sister son way: “you just write, anyway I understand.”The above words have included the structure of the complex “python satin” and other words, but according to the meaning of Feng sister, this is written for her to keep to see, it can be seen that Feng sister knows a lot of words, but it is estimated not to write, or write too ugly, so it is necessary to find someone to help.Outside, I use caiming as a child. At home, I often use Daiyu, and occasionally I catch Baoyu.In the twenty-fifth session, Sister Feng said to Daiyu, “Don’t take it. I’ll send someone to bring it.I have one more request for you to send with me tomorrow.”Sister Feng certainly did not seek help from Daiyu for qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, and Daiyu did not do much needlework, so sister Feng could only seek her for one thing, that is to help write accounting books, gift lists and so on.Sister Feng can not only read, but also recite poems in the fiftieth episode of a Dream of Red Mansions.She volunteered to write poems in Lu Xue Nunnery, and said the sentence “the north wind was tight all night”, which was praised by everyone, who said that this was the way to do things. It can be seen that this “supervision of imperial history” was not in vain, and she also participated in the poetry club activities of the Grand View Garden.If she had been illiterate and illiterate, she would have stayed away from such an occasion. Even if she had been caught, she would have been just as frightened as Aunt Xue.But she dare to take the initiative to gather together, incredibly also good performance, at ordinary times all kinds of festival activities, Jia Fu hard to avoid travel order entertainment, also never see Feng sister stage fright.It can be seen that her cultural knowledge is enough to deal with these small scenes, but not enough with Bao Dai Chai, Miharu and other poetry against it.Wang Xifeng is familiar with the art of war, eloquent, and strong logical thinking, is a mental calculation master Wang Xifeng is the daughter of the Wang family, after the door, the character is vigorous and frank, vigorous and resolute, without the attitude of ordinary women to be artificial and affectable, can be regarded as a tiger female door.Although she is not well educated, she is very eloquent. Besides, she is familiar with the art of war and has strategies. She is also very strong in logical thinking and excellent in mental arithmetic.First look at Wang Xifeng’s eloquence: In the sixteenth episode of a Dream of Red Mansions, Wang Xifeng welcomes Jia Lian home. Her speech is very formal and contrasting: “The uncle of The state is very happy!His uncle worked hard all the way.The little one heard the first report of yesterday, and said that he had prepared a cup of water wine to dust the house today.When she tried to persuade the second sister of you, what she said was full of great truths, unlike those of an illiterate woman.It’s really too long, just stick two lines of a product:…So the slave family personally visited, but also begged sister lower body slave heart, start big, move to the home.It is a great gift for you and my sisters to live together and give advice to your second master.If the sister outside, slave inside, although stupid and miserable companions, slave heart and how.Moreover, it is unsightly to be known to outsiders.Second ye’s name is also important…Wang Xifeng is familiar with the art of war, 36 plan to open the mouth, she said to Jia Lian jia Fu’s elder brother is not easy to deal with, her words are: a little wrong they joke, a little partial they complain.’Sitting on a mountain and watching a tiger fight’, ‘borrowing a sword to kill’, ‘drawing wind and blowing fire’, ‘standing on a dry bank’, ‘pushing down an oil bottle’, ‘do not help’, are all the martial arts of full hanging.When Sister Feng had a violent quarrel with ning Guo Fu, she said to You, “I am just a Han Xin zhang Liang. Hearing this, zhi Zhi turned back.”And apply feng to concurrent is 6 fly up, look at her second sister, a round of kung fu, what is impeded, stamping, earlier and, out of thin air, view of the hills, fire, and how well the bait hides the hook, and so on, visible feng tong zi, counsel is to do things, isn’t a cry two make three commit suicide by hanging of bitches than.Sister Feng’s logical thinking is mainly reflected in her management of family affairs. For example, when she took over ning Guo Fu and handled Qin Keqing’s funeral, she straightened out the clue immediately after taking over and found out the five causes of the chaos in Ning Guo Fu. She quickly adjusted the chaotic situation and took care of it in perfect order.Although she was not good at literature, she was very good at math. She read the rosters clearly, and when people drew money from them, she could point out two mistakes while listening to them. She ordered people to “figure out the expenses of these two things wrong, and then come and get them”.If you want to cheat under Sister Feng’s eyes, it is impossible to play the trick.The Jinling royal family did not pay attention to their children’s culture and education, and Wang Xifeng was already the best among the women in the Royal family. Wang Xifeng was born in the Royal family, and was the family of Wu Yin after being under the control of the chief princes of the county, and his military titles were all under the Jia family.Wang’s female literacy level is generally very low, completely in line with jia mother said, “just know two words, not open eyes blind!”Mrs. Wang can read letters, but can not say wine, but also yuanyang generation said, naturally also have no ability and Jia Zheng romance, from poetry and fu to talk about the ideal of life.Aunt Xue was a little better than Mrs. Wang, and was able to make a passing acquaintance with a few popular drinks, but that was all.The maids’ names around Lady Wang and Aunt Xue were also very vulgar: gold bangles, jade bangles, colorful phoenix, colorful luan, embroidered phoenix, embroidered luan, Tongxi, Tonggui…And Lady Wang and Aunt Xue as rongguo fu and Xue home master mother are also nothing, a person with copied own, suicide from extinction;The big servant girl in her house was friendly with aunt Zhao and stole things for Jia Huan, which she could not control;Aunt Xue, on the other hand, treated her son like a wastrel, relied on Baochai to take care of the family affairs, and took her son and daughter to relatives when her husband died, which was ridiculed.Wang Xifeng, by contrast, was a far cry from the two aunts. She was competitive, smart and decisive.No wonder Mrs. Wang felt she had lost her arm as soon as she was no longer in charge, leaving Li Wan, Tanchun and Baochai in a state of disabilityin the gambling and drinking affair among the old ladies.Therefore, to sum up, Wang Xifeng is not only literate, but also knows at least a hundred or even a thousand characters, and can cope with basic social situations.In addition, she is familiar with the art of war, can calculate in her head, and has strong logical thinking. She is a very powerful management talent.In addition, the girls in the book are self-deprecating when they say they haven’t read the book.For example, Li Wan and her two Cousins, although the author introduced that Li Shouzhong raised his daughter to value virtue rather than talent, her anagramming was literally from the Four Books.In fact, we are all very talented, but some people like to show, some people are really in guard clumsy.Nanshan orange warm/text