Barca 4-1 Valencia!Free golden boot two goals + double midfield goal, Xavi began to lead the team to the title

2022-05-07 0 By

If the game against Atletico Madrid was the start of Barcelona’s rebirth, then the game against Valencia on February 21, Beijing time, is when Xavi’s team will take shape.Aubameyang scored his first goal on his first start and scored twice in a 4-1 victory over valencia that sent the blues back into the champions League.Xavi fielded every player at his disposal, with the exception of veteran pedrie, and fielded a new combination of Dembele, Ferran Torres and Aubameyang up front in hopes of finding the right attacking scheme for Barcelona.Aubameyang took the lead in the 22nd minute when he opened the scoring from alba’s cross.More fortunately, Aubameyang not only scored, but also brought dembele’s instructions, in the following game, Dembele long time assist De Jong next city;Six minutes later aubameyang, in a shooting boot, scored twice from gabi’s pass.Barcelona had taken a three-goal lead in the first half.Valencia fought back in the second half, but Xavi’s substitution again worked as substitute Pedrie scored a superb shot from outside the box to extend the lead to 4-1 and secure the win.In this seemingly difficult away game, Xavi, on the one hand, considering the second leg of the Europa League game, so did not send pedrie and others, on the other hand, to find the goal, so he sent almost all the team’s strikers.Surprisingly, xavi not only found aubameyang, who scored twice, but also allowed alba and Dembele to find a comfortable way to play on the left and right, while de Jong and Pedrie also found more space to advance into the attack in midfield.With three points from this game, Barcelona regained their lead over Atletico Madrid and Villarreal with 42 points to move back into fourth place and once again into the Champions League qualifying zone.With Barcelona’s current squad and form, the aim of this season has changed from qualifying for the Champions League to preparing for it next season, and xavi’s ambitions go beyond that, and beyond.Perhaps next season, Barcelona fans will be able to see the old la Liga triumvirate once again.