From 0-2 to 3-2!The Chinese women’s football team won the 9th championship in 16 years after a crazy reversal by Shui Qingxia

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China had three shots on target in the first 13 minutes of the Women’s Asian Cup against South Korea on Thursday, but only one shot was on target for the South Koreans in the 27th minute. Yao Lingwei was caught for a handball in the penalty area in stoppage time and South Korea trailed 2-0 at halftime.China scored three goals in the second half, the first two just four minutes apart, with Xiao Yuyi scoring the winner in the 93rd minute.Wang Shuang came back to start the match, and she got a shot in the opening 20 seconds by cutting forward, only to miss directly. Judging from Wang shuang’s movement and technical action, she did not recover.South Korea’s strategy was to attack on the counter and they were completely tested in the opening minutes, although the women’s team failed to find the net three times in the first 13 minutes. From the beginning of the 20th minute, they got into the Korean rhythm.The 26th minute Lee Jinmin right cross, Cui Yu Li push shot through the door, South Korea 1-0 lead, then South Korea got a chance to play in front of the door, but Zhu Yu eye disease hand quick single hand play flying merit.Yao Lingwei was caught handball in the penalty area in the first half of stoppage time. The referee initially awarded a corner kick, but after the Korean team’s appeal, the referee looked at the VAR and awarded a penalty kick, which allowed Korea to score 2-0.The first-half call was a bit off the mark and wu chengshu was pushed into the penalty area after wang Shanshan’s challenge in the 21st minute, but the referee did nothing and the goal should have been awarded a penalty.In addition, Wang shuang dribbled the ball into the vicinity of the penalty area, the Korean team directly from behind a black foot to wang Shuang directly to the ground, Wang Shuang fell two somersault, but the referee did not say.In the second half, Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi came on stage and shot two meaningless kicks, squandering the opportunity they had managed to seize.Zhu defended the goal again at 54 minutes and 51 seconds after the referee gave South Korea a set-piece shot, making two saves in the second half.Tang Again try long shot hit, Wang Frost was replaced.Zhang Linyan, who has just stepped up, sets up a set-piece near the penalty area. Zhang xin’s set-piece is too bad to play, and Korea counters with a corner kick.The feeling is that the Chinese team has a big physical problem.Tang converted from the penalty spot in the 66th minute for South Korea (1-2), which also conceded a handball.Wang Xiaoxue almost broke the net in 69 minutes, but was saved by the goalkeeper.The Chinese team in just 5 minutes tang Jiali people ball points, Zhang Linyan headed a goal, Shui Qingxia guidance jumped up clenched fist roar, Tang Jiali followed the shot but unfortunately hit high, Wang Shanshan in the penalty area was brought down but the referee did not blow.South Korea almost scored in 91st minute stoppage time when Zhu saved and Wang blocked a shot with her body.That was a close call.At 93 minutes and 04 seconds, Xiao Yuyi, a second-half substitute, scored the second goal of the Chinese women’s soccer team. It was a wonderful goal, and it was the most memorable night in Chinese soccer history.The women’s soccer team has won their ninth championship in 16 years.By Yan Xiaobai