Honda’s “Petit Sena” debuts!Sports model +1.5L hybrid, 6 seats more spacious

2022-05-07 0 By

MPV of the large size in the domestic market, many consumers are more attention but larger MPV models the overall price level is higher, and the driving convenience is limited, so more and more small size MPV is becoming more and more popular, many mainstream brands started at six compact MPV, recently a new generation of Honda officially in overseas Freed,This model is the local market is very competitive and popularity of cars, aimed at consumers just need to family, so also the moment into the domestic market, after arriving in the domestic market, will use a brand-new appearance, with customized design and design language, and provides six layout, can satisfy more consumers use standard.Honda Freed a new generation of Honda Freed upcoming version and overseas version, a completely different models can be completely described as Honda’s version of that, the overall appearance of the straight with the line of visual impact, at the same time provides the large size of lamps, used the two sections of the blackened China open, the overall identification and visual impact is very strong,And has a strong sense of youth and sports.Model USES a variety of color design, provides the electric sliding door, interior also adopted a sense of science and technology, domestic match, mainly to meet the demand of young consumers’ aesthetic and car, model adopt the button type shift at the same time, make the whole driving more convenient, it also indicates the models used the hybrid system, very accord with the present domestic MPV market positioning standards.Early overseas versions with the present of a new generation of models difference is very big, the early overseas edition models mainly based on the Honda fit, the overall size is small, space is mediocre, the large size model provides six layout, as well as hybrid systems, in a more competitive as a whole.Summary: The overall competitiveness and advantages of the new generation of Honda Freed are relatively prominent, which will usher in a good development state in the current domestic market and attract the attention of young people.