Is it crazy that I don’t watch the show when everyone around me is watching it?

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Not long ago, Mengmo once had this question: “If I don’t watch a drama while everyone around me is watching it, am I abnormal?””If people around you don’t watch it and you do, are you out of your mind?”What is normal anyway?A lot of people think that normal is normal, just like everyone else around you.People always want to be normal and have common interests and experiences with people around them, firstly because it can bring them topics in social interaction.Second, because it will bring people a sense of security.Meng Mo has a friend who once told me about her school experience when we were chatting.When she was in junior high school, her classmates all liked jay Chou at that time, while she admired Teresa Teng, who was older.The students didn’t understand, because Teresa teng was so old to them.She told me with a laugh. “They were weirdly sure, ‘Do you really like Teresa teng?’I was too ashamed to admit it.”She had a crush on Teng until high school, but was afraid to tell others, because she was afraid that what she liked was different from what others liked, and she would be regarded as different.Later, during a conversation, she found out that there was no such thing.In fact, those students did not care whether she liked Jay Chou or Teresa Teng very much. Although they were surprised at the beginning because she liked Teresa Teng, they did not understand her so much.Sometimes, think oneself abnormal person, actually only oneself;What other people will think, sometimes just their own guess, and believe their guess is true.As a result, it’s okay to acknowledge your unique preferences.In fact, people don’t mind the difference.Of course, there are also cases where people around you, because that special person is different, really see that special person as different.If this is the case, don’t worry about it.A person who constantly makes concessions for the sake of so-called normalcy always loses himself in the end.A let oneself must become with the people around the same circle, can consider to stay away from, not like-minded people, it is difficult to get along with.You don’t have to be like everyone else in order to fit in, to be normal.Because that means giving up a lot of things.A backstage friend commented that he doesn’t like playing Douyin, but people around him do, and he is always confused when he mentions jokes about Douyin.When he said he didn’t play Douyin, people around him looked at him strangely. “You don’t even play Douyin?”He also tried to download Douyin, but was not interested.It made him feel miserable.In fact, a lot of such cases in the life, this kind of extraordinary performance is not only in the hobby, including even on the habit.Is it the fault of the individual when he is different from the whole?It’s nice to let go of normal and be yourself.Because that kind of normalcy, in and of itself, doesn’t mean anything.The real normality is mutual tolerance and understanding. Maybe some people in the circle like this, some people like that, but no one thinks that one side is superior to the other.A person’s favorite things, habits, there is no normal or abnormal, put down this “normal view”, it is really normal.