New port area: Li Jianhua talks with hunan Construction engineering executives who came to visit

2022-05-07 0 By

On February 17th, Hunan Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD inspected chenglingji new port area and participated in the discussion.Massachusetts moment yueyang February 18 – (reporter Wei Qian) on February 17th, hunan construction group co., LTD., party committee member, deputy general manager talk about yi led city ling angeles new port area and participate in discussion, the new port working committee secretary colton, vice secretary of departments, yu-ping zhou, director of the free trade area management committee and working committee deputy secretary and heald is protected area management committee director YanFei,Guo Shaoshan, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management Committee, and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.At the forum, the principals of each branch and subsidiary of Hunan Construction Engineering Group reported the cooperation with the New Port area in recent years in turn, and put forward the problems encountered in the current part of the project, and the new port responded one by one.Li Jianhua welcomed tan Yi and his delegation and thanked Hunan Construction Engineering Group for its help in the economic development of the new Port area in recent years.He pointed out that the cooperation between the two sides is currently in the stage of transformation and upgrading, and the two sides should break through the traditional cooperation mode, promote cooperation in the new economy and new forms of business, and constantly explore new cooperation directions such as China-Africa industrial park and sand and stone resource operation.At the same time, both sides should cooperate and urge each other to ensure that all procedures are standardized and strive to achieve win-win development, no matter for existing or future cooperation projects.