Remind luozhou neighbors: do not leave valuables in the car/shop overnight

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Early in the morning of January 18, in the city’s Luozhou street people avenue east near the fifth small, a shop parked in front of the car was broken window thieves, take the inside of the car.Afterwards the owner reported the loss of a number of cigarettes and alcohol.Local detectives visited the car that morning to investigate the hole in the passenger side window.Note a perforation in the right front window pane.And asked the owner whether the car involved in mortgage and loan and other things, get a negative answer.”They came in a small car with no number plate and parked in front of the shop.”A woman at a shop on the first floor watched the surveillance video and said, “People driving are wearing masks, and people knocking on broken Windows are wearing helmets.”Fortunately, the trunk was not opened. The owner of the car lives on the second floor. She said that the car is not usually parked here, but she did not expect to park here last night.”I was asleep in the middle of the night, but I felt a noise, like a pounding on something, and I got up to look.”But when she looked down from the second-floor balcony, she saw that someone had opened her car door, grabbed something and sped off.”A few strips of cigarettes were missing from the car.””A man said to the detective.But when he opened the back door, the contents of the trunk were not missing.”Here’s some wine.”At this time we analysis, because the thief felt the second floor of the people woke up and rushed to escape, too late to open the tail door.”Don’t leave strips of cigarettes in the store overnight.”The detective warned the storekeeper of the ground floor, “There have been several similar incidents in the area recently, all in unlicensed cars and helmets.”(Photo/source: Old News notebook of Lao Chen)