The sixth “Spring Festival” Chess arena competition of Changchun Chess Association was held

2022-05-07 0 By

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses and further promote the development of Changchun Chess, on February 1st, under the guidance of Changchun Sports Federation, changchun Chess Association sponsored by changchun chess Association and undertook by Zhongcheng Group kicked off the 6th Spring Chinese Chess challenge competition.Twenty high-level amateurs from Changchun competed fiercely for the championship of the sixth Chinese New Year Chess Challenge.The match was highly concerned by many chess lovers in Changchun. In the match, the players were carefully arranged, calmly played and relaxed, which fully demonstrated the unique charm of the chess game and the strong strength of the players.Xu Tengfei is the strongest of the challengers.He told reporters that he has been playing chess for more than 30 years, and has participated in various chess competitions inside and outside the province for many times and won the ranking, so it can be said that he is particularly fond of chess.”I am very excited to take part in the competition, because I can not only play against chess masters, but also improve my chess skills.”According to Xu Chunwei, secretary general of Changchun Chess Association, Chinese chess has profound cultural heritage and is the sport with the most profound mass foundation.At present, there are many chess lovers in Changchun, and there are hundreds of active sites in various counties (cities) and districts.This competition provides a stage for chess lovers to show their chess skills, and also creates a good atmosphere for the development of Chess in Changchun.During the competition, the players share their emotions and communicate with each other, which also drives more people to participate in the sport.Editor: Zhang Peng