Xincai County Audit Bureau has done a good job in “four articles” and solidly promoted research-based audit work

2022-05-07 0 By

In order to implement the requirements of the National Audit Work Conference on practical research-based audit, Xincai County Audit Bureau has made great efforts to do the “four articles”, enabling the innovation of audit work in 2022 to increase effectiveness.One is to do a deep review before planning the article.With regard to the central work of the Party Committee and the government and the key and hot issues in economic and social development, the head of the unit organizes them personally, the leading team members work together to manage them, and all units make active plans. By means of special research, serious discussion, solicitation of opinions, and requests for deliberation, we thoroughly study what to examine first, and make a good decision on the drafting of projects.The second is to do the implementation of the actual review article.Problem oriented, according to industry characteristics audit project, collect and analyze industry public opinion, the auditees policy, study thoroughly reform requirements, development direction, around major policy implementation, potential risks prevention, focus on people’s livelihood projects audit content, highlight the audit focus, accurate found there may be a problem.The third is to do a good job after the review suggestions.We will pay attention to studying problems found in auditing and the underlying institutional and institutional causes, and require auditing opinions and suggestions to be targeted, concise in language, clear in direction, and realistic, so that auditees can have a basis to rely on in their implementation, ensure that auditing opinions and suggestions are adopted, and give full play to the role of auditors.Four is to do excellent results to use the article.To conduct the thorough research to the audit found that the problem, with a global, systems, and the overall thinking, multiple audit projects for horizontal and vertical angles anatomy, the recurring problem to find the reason, from the law of universal problems to find countermeasures from system, the formation of high quality audit report and audit, improving audit around the center, the service decision-making ability level,We will play a constructive role in auditing.