2022 Beauty strawberry how much a catty?What’s the difference between strawberries and cream?

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Strawberries taste sweet, contain a variety of nutrients, and have health benefits.When the temperature gets colder and the color gets more monotonous, the bright red strawberries come on the market one after another.And the variety of strawberry is equally dazzling, so, 2022 beauty strawberry how much a catty?What’s the difference between strawberries and cream?A, 2022 beauty strawberry how much a catty?Bozhou Vegetable Wholesale market in Anhui Province: 28 yuan/kg;Zhougudui Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Hefei, Anhui: 25 yuan/kg;Beijing Chaoyang District Dayang Road Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale market: 18 yuan/kg;Beijing Jingfeng Yue Gezhuang Agricultural and sideline products Wholesale market: 66 yuan/kg;Baliqiao Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Tongzhou, Beijing: 38 yuan/kg;Hebei Handan (Wei County) Tianxian Fruit Wholesale Trading market: 38 yuan/kg;Jidong Fruit and vegetable Wholesale Market, Leting County, Hebei Province: 14 yuan/kg;23 Hubei Xishui Chengbei agricultural products wholesale market: 15.8 yuan/kg;Ji ‘nan Dikou Fruit Wholesale market: 50 yuan/kg;Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi Vegetable Center Wholesale Market: 36 yuan/kg;Tianjin Hongqi Farmers comprehensive Wholesale Market: 30 yuan/kg;Dangcheng Vegetable Wholesale Market, Xiqing District, Tianjin: 38 yuan/kg;Xinjiang Bole Agriculture Fifth Division Sanhe Market: 30 yuan/kg;Nanyang Fruit wholesale trading center: 20 yuan/kg.Note: The above prices are listed in the National Agricultural Product Business Information Public Service platform of Ministry of Commerce.Two, what is the difference between strawberry and strawberry cream?1, the variety of different sources of beauty strawberry is hybridized with Zhang Ji and Xing Xiang, cream strawberry is hybridized with Long neng early and Nufeng.2. Different appearance and size beauty strawberry average fruit weight is about 26g, the largest can reach more than 50g, while cream strawberry size is larger, the average importance is about 40g, the largest may be about 130g.In addition, cream strawberries are sweet and dark;Beauty strawberry looks very beautiful, sour and sweet taste.3. It is difficult to cultivate different beauty strawberry seedlings, and it is not convenient to transport. After a long time, it is easy to become black and red, and it does not look good.Cream strawberry seedlings are better cultivation, a lot of yield, many fruit farmers, are in the greenhouse to grow cream strawberry.Finally, here are some tips for picking strawberries: When choosing strawberries, try to choose the fruit with bright red and even color and luster.General high quality strawberry, the surface of the head leaves bright green, small villi, bright surface, no damage and decay, this kind of strawberry is really good strawberry.Don’t buy strawberries if they look like they’re going to rot.