A dog’s mouth does not spit ivory, this sentence is particularly suitable for Sima Nan

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A dog’s mouth can not spit out ivory, this sentence is particularly suitable for Sima South, the existence of the general.Why do you say that?Let’s first see what Sima Nanjing said to the lovely girl Gu Ailing.The screenshot shows sima nan’s post: ‘The Us national Games are not like before, and people like Gu Ailing are going to China.’Gu Ailing’s full of patriotic feelings, just to Sima Nan said that the United States was not lucky, had to come back on behalf of the country.What is Sima Nan doing?As the people who love the motherland, love Gu Ailing, watching Gu Ailing win glory for the country, which can bear, which can not bear?If the United States is not lucky, Sima Nan, you bought a villa in the United States, let your wife and children work and live in the United States, the plane to visit the United States was headlocked, how to explain?For love of the motherland athlete Gu Ailing, this kind of words only Sima Nan this big fool can say.Actually, it’s not cruel, and there’s personal insult…Let’s continue to see what Sima Nan said.It is known to all that Gu Ailing’s mother is A Chinese. Because she studied and worked in the United States, she got married in the United States, gave birth to her child in the United States, and gave birth to Gu Ailing who won honor for the country.Gu’s father is a native American.Sima Nan mentioned this way of reproduction in the article as “hybridization”, is this the so-called patriot Sima Nan?What a dog can’t say!This sentence is especially suitable for Sima Nan!Sima Nan was strongly requested to apologize to gu Ailing, the patriotic girl who won glory for the country, and to the whole nation!