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This network news (correspondent Jin Yanmei) In March spring is infinitely good, everywhere yellow flowers especially fragrant.In order to better practice the five-ring teaching and research mode of “speaking, teaching, commenting, questioning and discriminating”, all mathematics teachers at Liwandaohuactan Branch gathered in the lecture hall on the third floor of Minxing Building on March 31, 2022 to carry out a fruitful teaching and research activity focusing on the “Seeking Quotient with the 7 and 8 table” taught by Mr. Duan Ran.First of all, Gong Simin, a teacher from grade two math group, gave a lecture.Mr. Duan Ran presented a wonderful class.In class, the children spoke enthusiastically, and the interaction between teachers and students was amazing.After listening carefully, teachers of all grade groups talked freely about harvest and made accurate comments, which pushed the teaching and research activities to another climax.Then, Vice principal Yang Boqing made an in-depth analysis of the class and pointed out the direction of Duan ran’s future progress.Finally, tu Jinju, director of the school’s teaching and research office, made a penetrating general comment.This activity well demonstrated the determination of all mathematics teachers to work together and build an efficient classroom, played a symphony of paying attention to the cultivation of students’ core qualities and improving students’ comprehensive quality.Class group discussion and guidance by Mr. Duan Ran