IBF officials have given an official order for Chinese heavyweight zhang Zhilei and Hegovic to start negotiations

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Filip Hrgovic, the Super-heavyweight bronze medalist in boxing at the Rio Olympics, has finally found an opponent who is willing to negotiate and fight him, and the two sides have started serious talks.The IBF announced on its website on February 8, 2022 that Zhang Zhilei, the Beijing Olympic Silver medalist in super heavyweight boxing, has agreed to accept philipp Hegovic’s invitation to fight for the IBF Compulsory Challenger for the World Heavyweight Title.The IBF has formally ordered That Philipp Hegovic and Zhang Zhilei enter into negotiations for 15 days, after which they will have to bid for the right to host the match at the IBF.It is only the start of formal negotiations to prepare for the tournament, but it is a significant step forward for Philipp Hegovic.Because this is the first time that nine heavyweight fighters have turned down Phillip Hegovich’s offer.Some, like Luis Ortiz and Charles Martin, declined a fight invitation from Philip Hegovic because of injuries, others because of scheduling conflicts, like Densey McCann of Australia, who is a place higher than Zhang in the IBF world rankings,But he was forced to officially forfeit his chance to fight Argentina’s Ariel Esteban Bracamonte last weekend.(Andy Ruiz Jr., in particular, said he needed more time to prepare, but IBF officials said no.) It was the rejection of the first nine fighters that made Zhang, who was ranked 13th in the IBF world and had little chance, the candidate.Zhang was one of the few heavyweights who said early on that he was willing to fight Philipp Hegovic.Since Zhang zhilei’s promoter is Eddie Hearn of Rodeo Boxing, and Philip Hegovich’s promoter Wasserman Boxing also has a long-standing relationship with Eddie Hearn, it is expected that negotiations between the two sides will go smoothly.Anyway, now we only have to wait another 15 days for the news of zhang Zhilei’s match with Philipp Hegovic.There is no doubt that Philipp Hegovic, who has won all 11 fights, is the most formidable opponent Zhang Zhilei has ever faced in his career. He is also zhang Zhilei’s closest chance to challenge for the world boxing title, so I hope zhang Zhilei’s negotiation can go well.And I wish Zhang zhilei good luck in 2022 by beating Philipp Hegovic and finally joining Oleksandr Usic for the IBF heavyweight world championship belt.Original article, hope to get your approval.Fighting vision will continue to bring you attention to the arena dynamics, your love, is the biggest motivation for my creation.Like the comment on the point of attention to me, not lost!# Professional boxing