Look for the truth behind your eyes by the size of your pupils

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Look the other person in the eye when you’re talking, because it’s not only polite, it sends a message that I’m listening to you.What’s more, you can tell if someone is lying from their eye changes.However, when people are lying, there are certain reactions to their eyes, such as rapid blinking, averting the gaze, or turning their face away, but in many cases they are able to maintain a steady gaze while lying.To see if people hold a steady eye when they’re lying, researchers set up an experiment in which one group of people lied to another.To the researchers’ surprise, more than half of people were able to keep a steady eye on the other person when they were lying. Knowing that wandering eyes could be a telltale sign, they decided to do the opposite.Less than half of the people had their eyes wander when they were lying, which is easy to spot.Of the more than half of successful liars, about 85 percent were women and the remaining 15 percent were men.This means that women control their eyes more easily than men, making it harder for others to detect a woman’s lie.Psychologists through research shows that when people’s psychology changes, the pupil will also change.When people are in positive emotions, their pupils dilate outward;When a person is in a tense mood such as boredom, annoyance or disgust, the pupil shrinks.When people are in a positive mood, their pupils dilate four times as much as usual, according to research.If people are in a negative mood, their pupils will shrink.This is because when a person sees the person that oneself disgusted or thing when, the emotion that the heart can produce abhorrence, the pupil of the person can be contractive immediately right now.One of the benefits of having constricted pupils is that they allow people to focus more precisely on what is in front of them. This allows people to see more clearly and protect themselves more effectively, a phenomenon psychologists call ‘negative pupil reflection’.So what exactly should we do when we talk to other people?When we communicate with others, we must look at them firmly and use other body language to make our sincerity seem more believable.For example, when listening to others, you can use attentive eyes to the other person, and then nod, interject, and other ways to affirm the other person.This is a way to show him that you are friendly and sincere.When we tell others something or a point of view, in order to make what we say more credible, we should first communicate with each other with firm eyes, and then use specific data, people or places as evidence to increase the authenticity of our words.Of course, it is more important for people to form the habit of telling the truth in communication and become a person that others can trust.