Ran Yingying denied having plastic surgery, saying she was too busy to do her work

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Shortly after midnight on February 3, Ran Yingying shared a series of beautiful photos of herself, refuting the rumor that she had undergone plastic surgery. “I’m so busy with work that I don’t have a chance to do anything,” she said, adding that her “ever-changing look” is actually achieved through makeup.Ran detailed her makeup techniques, adding her own eyelashes, which measure 14mm on the top and 7mm on the bottom.Highlights on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones, hair and eyebrows of the same color.Ran yingying said that although she is busy with work, she still wants to be beautiful every minute. At the end of the article, she cheered her fans on and hoped that everyone could live in a sunny youth forever.The 37-year-old mother of three, who was born in 1984, has put on weight since giving birth to her third child, Ran Mingxi, but she looks like a doll every time she poses for photos.Wearing two braids and a bit of exaggerated makeup, Ran grabbed the spotlight with her ultra-long manicures.In addition, Ran’s eyes look very large, so I wonder if they should be modified and filtered in addition to makeup techniques.Ran yingying’s makeup and facial expressions are girlish, but her skin is just so-so. What she needs now is more skin management.Ran Yingying gives the ball her first close-up. Must be her favorite hairstyle?In addition to her love of playing young, Some of Ran’s looks are exaggerated, including big, bright earrings that steal the show.In the comments section, people were still critical of the look, with some saying it was scary and others saying it looked dirty.But Ran did not get angry and had another interaction.”Sorry, scared you, then you can use a little shorter eyelashes and different makeup”, won praise cultured, good temper.Some netizens praised her ability to have eyelashes grafted on. Ran responded: “My daughter should be strong, and do it herself, to save money and time.” She is really a good personality.Ran explained that she didn’t have plastic surgery because she shared the same series of photos with the same style on The afternoon of Feb 2, which was ridiculed.Horrible comments area can use to describe: “eyes good scary” “like a ghost doll” “this age like this, not good-looking, but strange, scary” “really don’t the whole again” “are you still when CCTV host that good-looking, how now like this, the basic aesthetic is lost” has a net friend tone mild:”What happened to you all these years?”There’s no need to worry about her looks,” ran said. “Even so, she didn’t delete her posts or fight against netizens. She has strong psychological quality and insists on being herself.”In the afternoon, Ran shared a set of photos of a Spring Festival party with some of the guests from Dad, Where are We Going?, with the caption: “We had a happy reunion on the first day of the First lunar Month. As we celebrated the New Year in the same place, we started the New Year with a great sense of happiness.”Wu Zun, Zou Shiming, Liu geng hong and other old friends have appeared in the show. More than ten people gathered around the table and the atmosphere was very harmonious.Ran Yingying graduated from the University of International Business and Economics, majoring in economics. She once worked for CCTV, hosting economic programs.Ran Yingying used to be a standard beauty host.Ran married boxing champion Zou Shiming in 2011 and gave birth to her eldest son zou Mingxuan in the same year.She gave birth to her second son zou Minghao in 2013.She gave birth to her third son, Ran Mingxi, in 2019.It is worth noting that Ranyingying not only raised her three sons to be very polite, but also arranged her own life to be colorful.Now, Xuan Xuan is 11 years old and has grown into a big boy, Hao Hao is 8, and even his youngest son, Ran Mingxi, is nearly 3.Do not know whether the couple still have a fourth child plan?