The torch bearer of the Winter Olympic Games is from Weifang

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Weifang Daily Weifang Media News February 4 morning, the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay in the Summer Palace.Torchbearers hold high the silver and red torch “flying” through the lake, water color, cultural relics, as if through time, ancient and today here perfect interweaving.Zhang Mingsen, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and chief expert of Beijing Chemical Research Institute of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Co., LTD., qingzhou nationality, as the torch bearer of the 73rd rod of the Summer Palace, successfully completed the glorious task of carrying the torch.Zhang Mingsen (left) takes part in the torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Today is the start of spring and the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. I am very excited to accomplish such a glorious task today.”At 9:53 am on February 4, Zhang Mingsen received the Olympic torch, feeling very proud and wishing his motherland stronger and stronger.Zhang mingsen was notified to participate in the selection of torchbearers for the Winter Olympics last October, and it took more than three months from application to final confirmation.On January 26 this year, the official confirmation of the torchbearers was received, and on February 3 the daily report arrived.On the day of registration, he learned about his relay plan, location and number, and received the torch relay equipment, including a set of uniform torchbearer clothing, shoes, hats and gloves.The torchbearers’ clothing also incorporates a lot of modern technology elements and is very warm, so it will not feel cold outdoors at all.Zhang Mingsen (left) takes part in the torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The name of the torch is “Feiyang”, and according to the Beijing Organizing committee, the torchbearers can keep the torch as a souvenir after the relay.Zhang mingsen said he will cherish the torch, which is worth bragging about for the rest of his life.Zhang Mingsen lives in The “Double Olympic City” Beijing, although he is not in the sports industry, but he has much to do with the Olympics.As the chaoyang district chairman of Jiusan Society, he cooperated with the Olympic Museum to successfully create the “Olympic Theory” publicity activity, preaching the Olympic spirit and related knowledge dozens of times.This year 60 years old Zhang Mingsen is qingzhou City Tanfang town south Sunjia village people, still work in the front line of scientific research.Zhang mingsen’s main research area is catalysis and catalyst.He had led the north courtyard fine chemicals by the team, the research of butyl octyl alcohol device is the main catalyst for ten years, the related technology localization, the successful break the monopoly of foreign decades, create considerable economic benefits, and promote domestic butyl octyl alcohol industry fast development, the number of device from now for dozens of sets of two sets of development, from advanced technology “and” for the development of popularization.”As a scientific worker, I never dreamed of being able to carry the torch. I feel honored from the bottom of my heart and wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success.”Zhang Mingsen said excitedly.After the torch relay, he will bring the Olympic spirit to his work, do better in scientific research and contribute to the development and construction of the motherland.Weifang Daily all media reporter Liu Yan/photo provided by interviewees