Tonight is the biggest challenge!The Chinese women’s basketball team against the best, just enjoy the game

2022-05-08 0 By

Recently, the Chinese women’s basketball team has been in Belgrade, Serbia, for this year’s Women’s Basketball World Cup qualifiers.According to the rules, the Belgrade division has four teams, the top three will be qualified for this year’s Women’s Basketball World Cup finals.After more than four years of development, the Chinese women’s basketball team has become mature and stable. The players have a good coordination and are not too old. It is the best time to combine experience and physical quality, and it is time to make achievements.In the first two matches, The Chinese women’s basketball team played against two African women’s teams, including the African champion Nigeria.The Chinese women’s basketball team showed its strength by easily beating Nigeria 90-76 and then thumping Mali 84-64 by 20 points.However, it should be noted that the Strength of African women’s basketball itself is not very good, and China’s women’s basketball team also exposed their defensive rotation is not tacit.After zheng Wei replaced Xu Limin as the new coach of the national team, The Chinese women’s basketball team still needs time and matches to run in.At 1 o ‘clock this evening, China women’s Basketball team will meet its strongest group opponent, France.At last year’s summer sports extravaganza in Tokyo, Japan, the French women’s basketball team won a bronze medal and was a formidable opponent.In recent years, Chinese women’s basketball team is not afraid of The European teams, they can play up and down, but they are not stable in front of the absolute strong teams.However, by beating two African women’s basketball teams in a row, Chinese women’s basketball team has already qualified for the Women’s Basketball World Cup to be held in Australia in September. Therefore, facing France women’s basketball team, they need to find their own problems, train their team and enjoy the fun of the game.