Wang Haibo, State Grid Loudi Power transmission Maintenance Company: In the snow and ice engraved red party flag

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Rednet moment Loudi February 7 (correspondent Li Ao Yan Li Ming Ming) “Who is coming to Longshan, please bring me a bottle of blood pressure medicine!”On February 6, Wang Haibo of the second class of transmission transportation inspection of State Grid Loudi Power transmission Maintenance Company was worrying about whether his blood pressure lowering drugs could be delivered to his work group, because it related to the following days, whether he could have a good body to successfully complete the task of line ice observation.”We came to the mountain years ago, because longshan is at a high altitude and the ice situation is serious, the 110 kV Yuelong Yang line we are on duty has experienced ice melting twice during this period.”With high blood pressure before the cold wave hit, he volunteered stationed in Gao Shanrong ice outpost, this outpost on the already prepared enough before drugs and articles for daily use, but cold waves, setting plans repeatedly delayed, is going to the bottom of bottle in his hand, but he never to retreat, he was the first thought is “what is the opportunity to put the medicine.”On January 26, they post the landslides, cross Rolling Stones in less than five metres from the body, when someone is in shock, he immediately calm field mentality, command the driver turned back to company in time, report to the superior leadership, and the progress of negotiations, the final decision, the second day early in the morning, another in line, don’t change,Then up longshan.”Longshan altitude is high, 110 kv Yuelongyang line has always been a disaster area, the mountain stick to the view of ice is extremely important, the company can go up, I as a veteran party member, can not drag his feet.After experiencing a landslide, it is inevitable that there will be psychological fluctuations, and the company is older, so the company has considered changing a staff member to the Guard post in Longshan.However, he refused, saying, I am a party member, and the more difficult times are, the more I have to set an example by carving the red of the Party flag in the snow.Wang Haibo, 59, is a party member with 25 years of experience. During the Spring Festival, he voluntarily gave up holidays and stuck to his post. In the weather of nearly minus 10 degrees Celsius, he trekked nearly 10 kilometers every day to inspect the ice-covered lines and timely and accurate transmission of data.Helped the company to successfully complete the ice-melting work of 110 kV Yuelong Yang Line on January 29 and February 2, effectively ensuring the safe and stable operation of Loudi Power grid.