Where there’s trouble, there’s traffic!”Zhang Fazeng”

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On February 6, 2022, at 7:00 PM, we received a notice from the epidemic headquarters of The city: “All card points should be evacuated at 20:00 tonight.”Our tired faces are smiling, this is a happy smile, this is the smile of victory!We have finally successfully completed the task of fighting the epidemic.Let’s remember this moment!After more than a month of fighting against the epidemic, good people and good deeds emerge in endlessly. The scenes of fighting against the epidemic at various points are deeply embedded in our minds, and the moving scenes make us hard to forget!On January 30, 2022, in the south high-speed station bayonet in Lin Lin, a college student, anxious to return back from xingyang for failing to timely contact with the seat communication before the takeover that lead to more than eight hours, traffic law enforcement personnel in a timely manner to give help, you can reach and pour boiling water, and instant noodles, multilateral coordination until problem solving.Also in the red Flag canal high-speed checkpoint, the wandering wandering people were stranded in the card point, the traffic law enforcement brigade officers put barrels of hot instant noodles personally to him (her), the touching face, clear scene, let us not help for the diligent thumbs up.This is a release of love care, the embodiment of the fragrance of love, love is around!At another checkpoint, traffic law enforcement officers served hot meals to the stranded linzhou folks…Good things emerge in endlessly, this is linzhou traffic law enforcement officers dribs and drabs.In the ordinary post, do extraordinary deeds!Let this cold winter no longer cold, full of warm love.Heavy snow, cold slippery, red flag flying, youth bloom.At the point where the stalled car could not be driven, the officers worked hand in hand to help push the car to safety and ensure that the road was free of obstruction. How can we not remember these moving images?They demonstrate their original aspiration with responsibility and fulfill their mission with action.In Dongli Kakou, Yang Yun, deputy battalion chief, found illegal operation of vehicles while carrying out epidemic prevention work, and promptly contacted Li Junsheng, deputy battalion chief in charge of transportation, to quickly solve the illegal operation, so that the legitimate rights and interests of the people are guaranteed, for the people’s safe travel escort.At the checkpoint on duty, the joint traffic police Squadron of Hejian Flow control overloading seized overloading vehicles, timely dealt with illegal overloading and overloading, and severely cracked down on illegal overloading and overloading behaviors.In order to ensure linzhou highway safe and smooth to create a healthy environment.During the epidemic period, the team will patrol, take over, dispose of and operate illegal vehicles at any time to protect people’s travel and maintain traffic order.Women do not let beard eyebrow, beauty comparable to men, different card point, “half the sky” no matter by day or night are sticking to their post, guarding linzhou vast earth!New Year’s Eve, thousands of reunion, out of the old and in the new, meteorological update.The Spring Festival!Linzhou traffic law enforcement brigade officers in different locations of different posts with different ways to the people of Linzhou New Year!It is our responsibility and mission that we will never withdraw from our posts until the epidemic recedes.We defend the pure land of Linzhou with ordinary work, and guard the safety of Linzhou with full of blood!As Ding bureau summed up “where there are difficulties, there are traffic people!”Linzhou traffic law enforcement brigade defends the dignity of the law, guards a side of the pure land, maintains the traffic order, starts from the heart, serves the people, forever escorts for the people’s safety.2022, 2, 9: Zhang Fazeng, staff member of Traffic Law Enforcement Bureau of Linzhou City.
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