Coke futures how to judge, read four trend lines, will be clear at a glance

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2021 futures if must choose a representative variety, I would choose coke.I think if there is a real question about this topic is whether it is the only one or the only one.After the stunning reversal from September 17 to October 19, many people who think futures are not as dangerous as they imagined, this time it is a taste of spicy soup spicy water.The original futures market fierce up, really can make people up and down.And is coke futures really unpredictable?Of course not. Let’s just look at it with hindsight and see if that stunning reversal can be evaded or even captured.This is the daily chart at that time, and we can see that there are three rallies in total.The shortest is 754 points in the first paragraph, 1260 points in the second paragraph and 1100 points in the last paragraph.Based on these ranges, there is not much room for coke to rise towards the end.So if we look from the first red arrow to the green arrow then this distance is 11,150 points.The term for this is measuring gains.If you just look at the K-chart, the top three candles form the evening star, the famous top combination.The candlelight chart sometimes looks very simple, but in the futures market, it is often the open card. You can not rely on it, but you must pay attention to it.Moreover from the fund management, this wave of acceptable retracement is 200 to 300 points, so October 18 evening after the opening of the rapid fall, long escape is necessary, those who were sealed in the limit is not a beginner is completely no stop loss awareness of the people.Speaking of here we have been judging the historical market, so from this coke trend on the future trend what can be used for reference?Now let’s look at the circumference of the coke.We see a total of four trend lines, the main operating range of coke are basically within this framework, and the price outside the framework, we call premium, is the market when the extreme situation, if it is a steady trader, most of the choice of wait-and-see, or there is a large profit position to see the results.In my previous article, I have counted the excellent performance of copper in February. I called February the month of King and often went out of the extreme market, but this chart just happens to see coke hitting the upper edge of the frame again, and a potential opportunity appears.We all remember that the recent period of multiple positive, such as infrastructure, such as import policy.With coke again rose sharply, whether the good has been digested?However, the negative effect of macro-control on coal has not been lifted, and the long-term control on carbon emissions has not disappeared, which will form pressure on coke in the high price area.As the New Year arrives, I wish you all the best in the year of the Tiger and more planned and rational investment.Also welcome everyone to communicate in the comments section, do not talk friends.You can send an emoticon.Futures trading