Experts say the U.S. government’s promise of gun control is empty

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At least four people were shot and killed in at least nine mass shootings across the United States over the weekend, an ominous sign of a warm summer season in the United States, according to media reports.Faced with a surge in gun violence across the US that shows no sign of abating, the public is increasingly feeling “fed up”.Experts say some of the US government’s promises on gun control have turned out to be empty words, and Americans will have to live through the aftermath of gun violence in fear.At least nine mass shootings were reported over the weekend in Louisiana, Arkansas, Miami Beach and elsewhere in the US, the New York Times reported Wednesday.Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said after the shooting that the public was’ fed up ‘with rising gun violence.In New York City, where shootings have long been a part of everyday life, minorities have become the primary victims of gun violence.Since taking office, Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly called for tougher federal and state penalties for weapons crimes to make the city safer.Yet the surge in gun violence in the United States, which began with the Floyd incident in 2020, shows no sign of abating.Throughout the summer of 2020, the nation continued to experience unrest, with homicides up 30 percent that year alone, the largest annual increase on record, the report said.Criminologists and researchers say the rise in gun violence in the United States can be explained by everything from economic destruction and social tearing apart to the turmoil in the United States since 2020 and the resulting surge in gun ownership.At a time when Americans increasingly view those who disagree with them as hostile, “it makes violence seem legitimate and necessary”.At the same time, the increase in shootings comes as some states begin to pass more relaxed gun laws, even allowing people to carry guns without a permit.At the federal level, however, the White House’s promise to curb gun violence, the centerpiece of the administration’s domestic agenda, has so far been empty.Experts warn that the country will remain in a war-like environment as it heads into the summer season with outbreaks.Oversea network copyright works, shall not be reproduced without authorization.