Fengcheng Xiu city “fireworks”

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“Today is the day of the show market, look, ‘morning wine’ street ushered in so many people eating ‘morning wine’, it is too busy.”A few days ago, Fengcheng xiu town tianxin village women director Huang Xinyang with brewed pure grain wine, came to show city “early wine” street shot douyin, to eat “early wine” to sell their products.Last year, she invested more than 1 million yuan and led 5 families out of poverty to set up a winery, with good benefits.Red lanterns red ribbons will show city “early wine” street dressed up beaming, the flavor of the thick attract surrounding towns and nanchang, Fuzhou and other places to taste “early wine” “show city” early wine “, a long history, fengcheng is the most “personality” catering mode.”The flavor of Soo City’s morning wine can only be felt when you are there.”Xiu town party secretary Li Xin said.The “Morning Wine” in Xiushi is characterized by customers buying vegetables in the market, taking them to the “Morning wine” shop and cooking them on the spot, and taking some of them home after cooking.I bought seasonal vegetables grown by farmers and chickens and ducks, which are fresh and delicious.On the eve of the Spring Festival in more than half a month, “early wine” street stores every day full, around seven o ‘clock in the morning, someone sitting in the “early wine” store, cheerfully drinking wine, talk about the harvest and feelings of the year, came late, carrying dishes in line outside waiting.Inside and outside, there were people with mobile phones shooting videos and shaking sounds.The farmers’ market next to “Morning Wine” street is crowded with “morning wine” eaters looking for fresh food.”Morning wine” street and farmers’ market daily customer flow of 45,000 people.Life contributed to show the city formed a kind of “wine” cultural attraction in early 2020 a few “wine” in the trill owner sent to eat “wine” short video to attract the attention of many other vendor soon, diners have trill on home “wine” market “wine” early street once became a web celebrity clock in red wine “early” market,Caused the show town party committee, the government’s high concern.The government has decided to build a personalized, cultural highlights of the “morning wine” street, will show city “morning wine” into a bright food culture card.In October 2020 show town more than 60, ten thousand yuan investment in the town a farmers’ market planning for 20 stalls built a hygiene, fire prevention, safety “wine” street when on November 8th open street stall owners with a wave of new look again after the trill short video make new wine “early” street comeback fengcheng people to taste every booth attracted a lot of popularity kokomo “open shed,A few small stoves, a few small tables, the food is still bought by themselves, but people eat this atmosphere, want this kind of open cooking flavor, enjoy this kind of cultural heritage.”A person from fengcheng city came to eat “morning wine” said.”Early wine” brought fire to one side of the market, broaden the local people to get rich.Lei Yingguo, a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, founded a winery to produce “Thunder wine”.Zou Haiqi, secretary of the party branch of the village, led 3 households out of poverty to set up “Qi Feng” winery, supplying “early wine” market.Yu Jingyao, a villager in Wanli village, raises black goats, and Huang Jinghui, a brother in Zishan village, raises cattle, making a fortune by supplying the “morning wine” market.Many left-behind old people, usually planting one or two acres of vegetables, now do not worry about selling.Professional vegetable farmers are happy to open their hearts, do not need to find sales, local market direct sales, more money, but also do not have to work hard.Small “early wine” stalls set off the world’s booming show city “early wine” reflects the new era of people thriving happy days source: Yichun released