High speed rail, BRT into the school

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Walking into a CRH CRH bullet train, it turns out that there is a campus library, and you can read books in the second class seats!From the classroom, you can turn a corner and enter the BRT bus terminal. These traffic scenes are everywhere in the school.Today, we welcome the new school season, Shanghai Traffic broadcast “Small hands hold big hands” — traffic safety campus tour series activities came to Shanghai Hualing School, please follow the traffic broadcast reporters to enter the school with traffic characteristics.In order to ensure the morning rush on the first day of school the city road traffic safety, orderly, and alleviate traffic pressure, the Shanghai public security planning in advance, the traffic department to carry out green nursing work, the Shanghai traffic radio also hand in hand to the traffic police corps, jing an traffic police detachment, yongda public welfare funds, into the hualing school, for the majority of teachers and students on the traffic safety first lesson, and present the traffic safety comic books.In order to leave a deeper impression on the students, Wu Xinyi, the police officer of jing ‘an Traffic Police Brigade, who is responsible for the lecture, compared with the “Traffic Safety comic Book”, through fun questions and games, so that the students can also accept traffic safety knowledge while reading happily, and enhance the awareness of traffic safety.As the city’s first primary and secondary school traffic safety practice base set up in the school, it can not only turn the theoretical knowledge of traffic safety into an experiential interaction, but also let the children learn to deal with emergencies when they meet. Yuan Bichuan, the principal of Hualing School, introduced that the school has established a traffic simulation site to simulate traffic lines.The main road is equipped with traffic lights, zebra crossings, traffic signs with various functions, etc. Through situational experience, learning comprehension, game evaluation and other learning functions, let each child from “should know” to “should know”, fully understand the knowledge of traffic safety, improve the awareness of safe travel.In addition, the city’s public security traffic police departments timely and accurately grasp the school conditions and traffic conditions, according to the actual campus surrounding roads impassable, science to develop traffic organization guarantee “a school a plan”, optimize and perfect post set up “nursing”, to ensure the full police to carry out the campus peripheral discharge blocking traffic law and dredge is investigated.Bus department also enabled the spring schedule from today, bus company five input increase 46 vehicles, increased 357 times, 65 lubei district near the bus terminal is middle school affiliated to Shanghai university of north, in order to ensure the security of students, the team combined modern transportation company, organize volunteers to maintain order at the exit, to remind people pay attention to safety,And in the dispatching room for students to prepare a classroom exercise book, pen, for “careless” students to provide help.Pudong south bus 576 on the road, pudong 36 road route of three elementary school, Lin LingZhao the primary schools, secondary schools, such as a clean today team executives fanned out the scene early in the morning, remind via vehicle speed control, put an end to illegal number, and cooperate with the police command and supervision work, and avoid the occurrence of traffic jams, comity pedestrian, build safe road environment for students.The volunteers of Pudong Shangnan Bus No.6 branch took this opportunity to publicize the new “Bus and tram Riding Rules” to students and their parents, and let the new rules such as “No loud noise in the carriage” spread to students. We hope that students can have a safe and civilized school.Reporter: Xiaole editor: Jie feather supervisor: Xiaole audit: Hujia