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The Spring Festival festival, shaoguan traffic police guard peace reunion.It is the Spring Festival, for the masses of the people to create a safe, smooth, orderly road traffic environment, Shaoguan traffic police stick to their posts, maintain smooth, to ensure the city’s road traffic vehicles chang people.In recent days, affected by the cold air, the temperature plummet and the road was slippery.In order to build a good road traffic safety environment for past vehicles and passengers, safe home New Year reunion, Zhenjiang Traffic Police brigade dispatched, full road, epidemic prevention and control, traffic dredging, traffic investigation, service, etc., with their adherence to ensure road traffic safety and smooth;With their adherence, guard family reunion;With their adherence, let the masses live a happy, peaceful Spring Festival.January 29 morning, Zhenjiang traffic police battalion vice captain Kong Rongzhou and police patrol, suddenly met a woman in a hurry to wave for help.”Traffic police comrade, my lover now north river edge fishing, sudden heart discomfort, but dozen less than a car, request traffic police to give help!”Kong Rongzhou immediately sent the woman to the north river and assisted the medical staff to send the patient to hospital for treatment.There are two main highways out of the province in northern Guangdong.Which Beijing Hong Kong and Macao expressway crossing of dayaoshan, high altitude, is easy to freeze, cold weather in winter is often must be a road restrictions, in 27 evening, affected by the heavy fog and cold weather, in order to ensure safety, high-speed traffic police department decided to Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed plum flower to bridge road temporary traffic control, lead the driver diverted lower altitude yue highway or local.Highway a brigade, three brigade captain Song Weiping led the two brigade all police braving the cold, day and night in turn to stick to their posts, to ensure that the people safely return home for the holidays.On New Year’s Eve, Qiu Deming, head of the traffic police detachment of shaoguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, went to the front line of his district to check the traffic security work of the Spring Festival, timely handling emergencies, correcting violations, eliminating potential safety hazards and ensuring smooth roads.Qiu Deming has been working in the traffic police for more than 40 years. Every New Year’s Eve, he always insists on “staying up late” at work. Qiu Deming always says that his work is very ordinary, because it is normal for him and his colleagues.When asked why always choose such a special “shou Sui”, Qiu Deming always said with a smile: “This is nothing, New Year’s Eve is always someone to go to work, maintain family reunion, is the best” shou Sui “traffic police!””Safe Spring Festival, traffic police counterparts.”During the Spring Festival, Shao Guan traffic police always adhere to the prevention of traffic accidents as the center of gravity, strictly implement 24 hours on duty, all the police on duty fixed position, stick to their posts, strengthen the city’s road patrol on duty, strengthen order management, eliminate security risks, serve the masses to travel.According to the weather department forecast, on February 3, the city’s heavy rain to cloudy days, 5 to 8 degrees in the city, -1 to 1 degrees in the alpine mountains, high altitude sections have fog;From 4th to 5th, -2 to 1 degree in the alpine mountains, frost (ice);At present, all counties (cities, districts) of the city are in effect, the weather is cold, pay attention to cold and warm at the same time please pay attention to rain and fog weather adverse impact on traffic.Shaoguan traffic police to remind the majority of drivers: rain and snow weather, slippery road, drivers in driving travel, must control the speed, take the necessary anti-skid measures, pay attention to maintain distance, smooth operation, do not drive fast, rapid acceleration, brake, random lane change, turning, etc..The vehicle must fasten the seat belt in the process of driving, pay attention to observe the road conditions, obey the command of the traffic police.