Importance of storage and maintenance of hexagonal mould for slope protection

2022-05-09 0 By

Storage and maintenance management of slope protection hexagonal mould is an important link in the use of plastic mould.If the storage and management of slope protection hexagonal mould is not appropriate, the mould will appear aging phenomenon, it is more likely to be damaged in construction and use, and the service life of slope protection hexagonal mould will be shortened accordingly.Therefore, the storage location and maintenance mode of hexagonal slope protection moulds are key links in engineering use.The storage site of the hexagonal slope protection mould, hexagonal slope protection mould and hexagonal slope protection mould should be kept flat, dry and clean, so that it is convenient for construction and application personnel to lift and transport. The six-edge slope protection mould needs to be stored together in order.It is very important that the storage of hollow hexagonal slope protection moulds needs to be classified and stored according to the types of moulds, and if the moulds used for the same product can be stored together.Six-edge block slope protection mold Six-edge block slope protection mold