In the secret land of Western Tibet, mansarovar, the head of the holy lake at the end of ali Cloud River in the sky

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“Cloud River”, a song by Teresa Teng, a famous Singer in Hong Kong, is a classic song that you will never get tired of hearing.So what kind of river is cloud River in the song?Is it a blue sky in white clouds?Or specifically the river of silver in the night sky?The author also consulted a lot of data on the net, did not see why.The author was fortunate to get the protection of Buddha during his journey to Ali in the secret land of Western Tibet, and saw the Mansarovar River, which is known as the head of the three holy lakes in Tibet, on the top of the snow region.In fact, “cloud river” is not the ethereal sky untouchable scenery.Cloud River does exist in a special environment above 5000 meters.In the picture above, mansarovar in the Tianhe River is seen with a blue sky and white clouds. The horizon in the middle is obscured by mysterious clouds, making it impossible to tell which is the sky and which is the lake.Look closely, yes, the light blue in the middle is Tibet’s holy lake Mansarovar.The Holy lake Mansarovar in the secret land of West Tibet is the Heavenly River.Mansarovar tso is recognized as the first of the three holy lakes in Tibet because its water comes from mount Kailash, which is recognized as the first holy mountain and the source of melting snow for the Hindu god Shiva.At the same time, the waters of The holy Lake Mansarovar are recognized as the holy lake in the world and the source of the Ganges and Indus rivers.Therefore, it is also worshiped by Buddhism, Bon, Hinduism and other believers.In mainland China, Mansarovar is also known as the “mother of all rivers in the world”. Xuanzang, the eminent monk of the Tang Dynasty, called it the “Jade Pool in the West” in his Book The Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty.The Tongtian River in Journey to the West is the Shiquan River, a river valley connecting Hotan in Xinjiang province and Ali in Tibet. Its source is the Holy Lake Mansarovar.With such wonderful human history and special geographical environment, tianhe river is called the leader of the Sacred lake in Tibet.Work and rest in Zada county.After breakfast, we went to the viewing platform of Maotzigou Soil forest and ate a big meal of soil forest in the morning. Then we returned to the G219 national road with the highest altitude in the world along the Mountain road of Maotzigou, and went to saga County of Xigaze from west to east.After passing through the secret land of West Tibet and punching the kailash Sacred Mountain in the center of the world for the second time, leave the G219 national Highway again and follow the mountain road for the second time to punching the Kailma Sarovar Holy Lake.Compared with the white environment of the first visit to Kama Punsarovar, the snowy mountains seem to have more vitality after the snow has cleared.The sun fell on the still hills and evoked a mysterious glow.At the foot of the snow mountain, wild donkeys appeared in Russia, setting off against the white open ground at the foot of the mountain, making this land more mysterious.Mountains don’t turn, cars turn.As the car shuttles along the mountain road between Mansarovar and Laang Co, a clear blue sky river appears in front of the sky.As the car movement changes, the tianhe in the eye is also with the car movement track, sometimes wide, sometimes is narrow, white clouds leisurely hanging in the Tianhe, give a person a wonderful enjoyment.According to the author’s point of view, the wonderful of the Tianhe river lies in that the tianhe river is surrounded by clouds of smoke on the river bank constantly gathering to the river, forming a great beautiful scenery of heaven and earth.Perhaps some people will question, how can there be a cloud of smoke rising from the ground around the lake wrapped around the lake?That’s right. At first, I was puzzled, but as I traveled further and further in Tibet, I gradually realized the inevitability of this weird natural phenomenon.In fact, this strange natural phenomenon is related to the geological term “transpiration”.When I visited Pegutso scenic spot in The Qomolangma Nature Reserve, I saw the explanation of the word “transpiration” in the introduction of the scenic spot.So why this weird phenomenon?In fact, it is related to the relative geographical environment: first, it must have appeared in the high altitude basin of the marsh lake;Secondly, there are abundant geothermal resources underground around the lake.Third, the stronger the illumination, the stronger the transpiration.In other words, the heat of the earth is forcing the fog on the marshes around the lake, and the strong sun on the plateau is causing the fog to rise.Thus created as if done by nature, appeared on the ground cloud river weird phenomenon, let people feast their eyes.The car in the mountain road around for a long time, but also let the author had the honor to see the sky in the clouds in the Mansarovar.Over the ridge overlooking the horizon, a thick wall of clouds rises above the Mansarovasovar dam on the Heavenly River, leaving the far holy lake high in the sky.Straight ahead, a straight road from near to far disappeared in the clouds on the horizon, as if to go to the boundless road, let people lose track.After the car broke into the thick cloud rolling curtain at the end of the world, god is also to do its best, deduce heaven and earth like fortune, the appearance outside the car window and a piece of snow that saw before is gradually replaced by the coke yellow in the autumn, show the swamp scenery in the top of the snow area.The sky is high and the clouds are light, and countless blue streams flow through the scorched yellow marsh.Sunlight diffraction reflected streaks of white light on the jubilant waves.The car continues along the dirt road and soon arrives at the so-called Mansarovar punch-in spot.In fact, there is still some distance between the parking place and the lake, and there is no path leading to the lake for close viewing. It is said that the lake has the deepest visibility in China.Perhaps from a relatively low vantage point, it looked like a narrow pale blue hada floating in a scorched yellow swamp under the snowy peaks.Is this light blue Hada lake the first of the three holy lakes in Tibet known as Mansarovar?It’s hard to believe, maybe it’s god’s intention, let the author enjoy the cloud river in heaven, it’s impossible to let you see other, it’s god’s will.Perhaps many readers who have been to the Mansarovar Wetland reserve know that after visiting mansarovar, the head of the holy Lake, they are bound to visit laang, the sister lake of the Holy Lake, known as the “ghost Lake”.Laang Co, also known as Ghost Lake, which means “poisonous black lake” in Tibetan, is 4,574 meters above sea level and separated from the freshwater holy lake Mansarovar by salt water.Since the water is undrinkable for humans and animals, it is called “ghost Lake”.According to the driver said: “Ghost lake no wind three feet wave, the lake a piece of blue.Nothing grows around the lake, and people and animals die if they drink from it. Laonco, a ghost lake, is quiet and rarely seen by people.(In the red area of the image below, on the right is the Holy Lake Mansarovar;To your left is the ghost Lake La Untso.With curiosity, the car entered the wrong road in Laon.I also want to see the most mysterious lake in China.This is also many times to suggest the driver to stop the clock, but the driver is through a variety of reasons refused to stop the author’s many suggestions, which can only give up.However, in a turn, I also took the opportunity to take the only picture of the ghost Lake Laang Tso, which can be regarded as satisfying my curiosity.In the Mansarovar International Wetland Reserve, the secret land of Tibet, whether it is the inheritance of human culture and history, or the mysterious natural scenery of the giant holy lake Mansarovar in the snow area, you will never forget to return.This is the secret land of Tibet!This is Sky Ali!Bless your Mansarovar lake in heaven, Tashi Delek!14, Journey to the West: Travel in the Secret Land of West Tibet, Sky Ali “Kailash” sacred Mountain road;15. Journey to the West: The Secret Territory of Tibet, the Ruins of Guge Dynasty on the southwest Border of Tianali;16, Journey to the West 16: sightseeing karakoram and Himalayas gap “Zadatu Forest” secret environment;17, Journey to the West seventeen: “Journey to The Sky Ali, snow clouds open in Tibet G219 National Road secret”;Journey to the West: the Secret Of Tibet, the head of the holy lake “Mansarovar” at the end of ali Cloud River in the sky.