“Old boys”, female players have galloped on the field……The 2021 youth football League will be held in Hangzhou

2022-05-09 0 By

From January 15 to 23, 2021 Hangzhou Youth football League was held in Fuchun Bay Maker Sports Park under the theme of “National Fitness and Shared Asian Games”.This year is the second year of Hangzhou Youth league, the attention and enthusiasm of the vast number of fans, so that the game has gradually become an indispensable part of hangzhou amateur football tournament system.This competition aims to promote football, enrich the amateur life of football fans, and promote the communication and friendship between young and middle-aged football fans.The players in the competition include “old boys” over the age of 40 who are still full of football passion, as well as young women football players.Although they faced the cold, low temperature, rain and snow weather in the match, they showed their love for football by chasing football on the football field with positive spirit and fighting spirit.It is reported that Hangzhou Happy Family Football Club won the competition champion, will represent Hangzhou city to participate in the 2022 Zhejiang Youth league, with more confused tour exchange, enjoy football.