Received a thank you flag on the day of resumption!The doudian angel in white received the best New Year’s gift

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Focus on us?On the first day of the Spring Festival, Liu Jun, a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine at the Community Health Service Center of Doudian Town, received a banner reading “Excellent medical skills and noble medical ethics” as soon as he went to work.Ms. Li, who brought the pennant, lives in Jinxinyuan Community, Doudian Town. She suffers from trigeminal nerve and neuralgia behind the ear. When she talks, eats, wash her face, brushes her teeth and other casual actions, she will induce pain.Accidental chat, Ms. Li learned that their neighbors also had migraine trouble, after the doudian town community health service center doctor Liu Jun cure, to improve, then holding the idea of trying to find Liu Jun diagnosis and treatment.After seeing, smelling, inquiring and cutting, Liu Jun formulated a treatment method combining traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy for Ms. Li.Before one session was over, the pain in Ms. Li’s face and behind her ears disappeared.Liu Jun reminded Ms. Li that this kind of neuralgia may not be completely cured, if there are signs of pain must be timely follow-up, which will shorten the course of the disease to alleviate the pain.In the past half a year, Ms. Li has not experienced severe pain, sleep has been improved, and the quality of life has been significantly improved.In order to express her gratitude, as soon as she went to work after the Spring Festival, Ms. Li came to liu Jun with a brocade flag to thank him.The most gratifying thing for the doctor is that the patient recovers and lives a healthy life, which is also the biggest recognition for the doctor’s work.Liu jun said he was just doing his job and the patient did not expect him to remember. The flag was the “best gift” he received this Spring Festival.Although the flag is light, it is full of affection, which further strengthens liu Jun’s belief in medical practice. He said that he would encourage himself with this flag and continue to do his best to improve his diagnosis and treatment level and protect the health of residents in the area under escort.Next, Doudian Town will continue to perform the responsibility of territorial management and service, and constantly improve the level of medical services in the town, so that the residents of the area really feel the improvement of medical service quality.Together for doudian refueling!Light it up?