Uzi’s comeback debut lost the top spot in the hot search, iG official blog fell, DYS opened BLG coach!

2022-05-09 0 By

Since the end of the LPL transfer period, Uzi’s comeback and joining BLG has been the most anticipated game for shui fans.Unfortunately, it seems that Uzi has been away from the game for a long time and has not retired for two years, so he still needs a period of professional training to adjust his condition, so he has not been able to play.However, I did not expect iG to send a “god assist”, so that Uzi finally got a chance to play.Before the game, BLG was thought to easily defeat iG, after all, FROM the recent record, BLG will undoubtedly open a big gap with the opponent.To iG’s surprise, in the first round, Xun’s men found the BLG’s Doggo and helped iG get to the city first.BLG finally decided to go with Uzi when Doggo was in a slump.As a result, there was a lot of criticism about Xun’s emotional intelligence after the game. The team battle was aimed at Creating opportunities for Uzi.With the BLG official blog post announcing Uzi’s return to the game, the news immediately caused a stir in the esports community, and even dropped to the top of the trending list.This let a person can not help feeling worthy of the kui was once in the micro-blog night are able to press the entertainment stars to the top of the e-sports flow.Unfortunately, even Uzi couldn’t save the game.In game 2 BLG struggled to level the score, but in game 3 BLG again played the “double circle system” of Gwynn and Zhao Xin, making Uzi jinks completely out of the team.After the game, the BLG official bo lost the game directly fell, and even the three anchors who broadcast the game also accused THE BLG coach BP of being too outrageous.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.