Worst dunk contest!Dwyane Wade scored only six points, shaquille O ‘Neal was in the dark, and the rockets were ridiculed for their second-place finish with two out of nine points

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Magic’s Kol Anthony, Warriors’ Juan Anderson, Knicks’ Obi Topin and Rockets’ Jaylen Green won the NBA Slam Dunk contest at the end of the All-Star weekend.Carmelo Anthony, wearing heavy hiking boots, was the highlight of the first round, but he failed his first two jumps to score only 40 points.Anderson came in second, stepping over teammate Wiggins for a one-handed dunk, but taking off with his left hand clearly on Wiggins’ shoulder, he finished with 44 points.Obitopin came in third. He chose a very difficult move, straddling the ball with one hand to complete the backhand switch. After two consecutive attempts, he finally completed it, but the scores were affected by multiple attempts, and he finished with 44 points, even with Anderson.Fourth appearance is highly anticipated second rocket jay green, originally he is one of the most promising, but unfortunately, the first action because match error, design problems, teammate Christopher continuous plate passing to him can’t complete, leading to green ball after failed to make the action for many times, finally the referee gave him the opportunity to many times, after the first 6 button failure,He gave up the board on the seventh jump and went straight for a one-handed windmill dunk.The move was beautiful and smooth, but it was a pity that many failed attempts affected the judges’ score and only got 38 points, the bottom of the first round.In the second round, Green was the first to play. He chose a 360-degree turn between his legs to slam the ball. The first attempt failed, but the second attempt was completed successfully.Carmelo Anthony, who came in second, missed three games in a row and finished with 30 points, was eliminated.On the third jump, Anderson made a good 360-degree windmill dunk, and the judges gave him 43 points.Two rounds total 87 points, ahead of Green and Carmelo Anthony, straight into the final.In the last dunk, Topin made a very difficult front throw to catch the ball, and then completed the two hands pull rod burst dunk, the difficulty coefficient was full, but the ball into the basket was a little reluctant, but the referee still gave 46 points, two rounds to get 90 points, join Anderson to advance.And the finals, perhaps the worst Slam Dunk finals in NBA history!Anderson took the lead, choosing a fairly ordinary run-up and one-handed windmill dunk for his first run, a lackluster move that earned him just 39 points.He wanted a one-arm hanger, but he didn’t have enough height to make it.Topin, who came in second, tried to execute a baseline flyover between his legs, but couldn’t. To be on the safe side, he ended up doing a one-handed windmill with a front flip, which earned him 45 points.Anderson made a difficult final dunk, a one-handed dunk from behind the backboard that failed after several attempts and ended up with just 30 base points.The score meant that topin would almost certainly have won the championship if he could only dunk the ball into the basket on the last dunk.The fans were also very disappointed to see such a dunk contest. Many of them had lost their excitement and sat in the stands waiting for the end of the game and whether Topin could challenge himself to surprise them, but apparently he didn’t!Topin finished with a one-handed, between-the-legs dunk, but the highlight was a small surprise when he hit the ball in the air on the backboard and then pushed it in. He finished with a game-high 47 points.But apparently, such a closing dunk did not save this disappointing dunk contest.Narrator is straight call: this is the most water a dunk contest!There was no surprise, only surprise. Wade, the controversial referee of last year, appeared as a guest commentator, and at the end of the dunk contest, he gave a mischievous 6 points, which was enough to see the embarrassment of this contest.Shaq, on the other hand, remained mostly expressionless and blackfaced throughout, perhaps the worst dunk contest he’s ever seen.Many fans have joked: “Every time at this time, I have to rewatch the Immortal fight between Lavine and Gordon”;”Really the worst dunk contest ever”;Some fans feel sorry for Gordon: “It’s too bad he didn’t participate in this competition, he could have realized the dream of the championship”;And domestic fans more said: “buckle is not good zhang Zhenlin”!Indeed, according to this level, Zhang Zhenlin has a great chance to win the championship!The reason for the disappointment of this dunk contest was not only the lack of an amazing dunk and a perfect score of 50, but also the sheer number of mistakes, which would have made the judges themselves more entertaining to watch.The rockets’ no. 2 pick, Jaylen Green, was a favorite, but he finished with a 2-for-9 dunk percentage, which made the media say: “Green is shooting 24% from the field this season, which is higher than his dunk percentage.”