Careful investigation and preparation of the city’s four scenic spots comprehensive “physical examination” to welcome the New Year

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Careful preparations for the city’s four major scenic spots comprehensive “physical examination” to welcome the New Year, the city’s four major scenic spots after a period of rigorous investigation and precise prevention and control, resumed the opening of the park (museum) on January 27.To more the arrival of the new look to greet the tourists, the city, the scenic area management committee all the cadres in the morning (pavilion) on the same day, total subsidence scenic spot on the line, based on epidemic prevention and control work, to the scenic spot service quality system standard, focus on the potential risk points, the whole scenic spot, the whole line to carry out the “blanket” to screen the, to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the scenic area during the Spring Festival.For the majority of tourists to create a safe and orderly, peaceful and festive Spring Festival tourism atmosphere.Although the weather is bleak and cold, all cadres and workers are fearless of the cold and move in accordance with orders. The division of labor is clear, the implementation is orderly and the key links such as snow removal, disinfection and elimination, environmental remediation, fire and electricity use, atmosphere layout, and security risks investigation.”Hello, have you made an online appointment?Please show your travel code and health code to enter the scenic spot. “At 9:30 am, the Rui Kingdom Ruins Museum in Liangdai Village welcomed the first wave of tourists.In order to stand the “epidemic prevention guard” during the Spring Festival, the municipal Scenic spot Management Committee immediately coordinated with the municipal response Office to clarify reception policies for people in key areas by classification, and issued the Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in epidemic Prevention and Control during the Spring Festival.On strict implementation of “limited, peak, to make an appointment” and “a check test two” based on normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, such as the department in charge of the leadership, bag into a line, visitors enter the scenic area safety, convenience and humanization, full line simulation epidemic prevention and control operation, the entrance, to ensure that the first time found the problem, the first time to eliminate hidden dangers, the optimization program.At the same time, the “one meter noodle”, thermometer, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention facilities were overhauled and added, and “emergency masks” and other convenient service supplies were added. At the same time, the defense line of epidemic prevention and control in scenic spots was firmly established, and tourists from afar were sent a warm and reassuring message.Leak fill a vacancy To eliminate the potential safety hazard “life is the highest, people first, safety first”, since entering the winter, especially for rain and snow weather recently, the four scenic area of the scenic spot will always safety, travel safety in the first place, all-weather dynamic type to carry out the safe hidden trouble controlling the big screen, give play to the role of the “grid” management mechanism,More than 40 inspections were carried out in areas such as fire and electricity, fire control facilities and cultural relic safety, and more than 20 problems were rectified.In particular, in view of the actual situation of resuming the opening of the scenic spot (museum), we will quickly organize and carry out a large-scale investigation of potential safety hazards in the whole tourist line, and add safety warning signs and warning lines for potential road hazards and areas prone to congestion.For the fire escape, safety exit and other key locations to clean up, to ensure smooth;Update and maintain the aging fire prevention and theft facilities, improve the use efficiency, check and fill the gaps, improve and improve them region by region and plate by plate.Detailed implementation of the safety production measures, in view of the problems found, immediately set up and change, can not sell the number on the spot, formulate emergency measures, dynamic tracking and promotion, to ensure that hidden dangers found in time, rapid rectification, to protect the safety of tourists.Before the Spring Festival, “dust sweeping” is one of China’s traditional customs, which means “dust to usher in the New Year”.In order to create a clean and tidy scenic area environment, all scenic areas open a full range of “pre-festival cleaning”.Clean up dead spots in crowded areas such as clothing centers and toilets, and timely add hand sanitizer, umbrellas and other convenient facilities;For scenic spots, such as green plants and flower beds, focus on cleaning fallen leaves and garbage debris, and remove snow on the main tour line to ensure that there is no garbage, snow and debris within the tour line.In Dangjia Village scenic spot, according to the actual situation of more resident villagers in the scenic spot, the staff did their best to clean up the snow on the main tourist line while sending more manpower to clean up the back streets and remote lanes at the same time, so as to facilitate the villagers’ travel and make the scenic spot more beautiful.Sun Long, a staff member of Dangjiacun Scenic spot, said: “It has long been an indispensable sense of festival ceremony for all scenic spots to decorate the scenic spot and spend the Spring Festival with tourists.”We are very excited to hear that the scenic spot will be reopened. We have been working on the environmental improvement of the scenic spot as soon as possible to get ready for the upcoming Spring Festival.”In comprehensive scenic environment renovation and hidden perils in safety, epidemic prevention and control work at the same time, recently, the city, the scenic area management committee will also joint longmen international, inc., group four scenic area, based on their respective culture connotation, adjust measures to local conditions decorated holiday decorations, add festive atmosphere of scenic spots, continue to carry out safety checks of the scenic spot, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures,We will strengthen emergency support and on-duty duty to ensure both epidemic prevention and quarantine.©= Main text: Shi Qianqian, Hancheng Scenic Spot Management Committee