Derby county v Birmingham

2022-05-10 0 By

The home side Derby county at present matchday 27 home-country crowd won 8 8, 11-14 points for the championship 23, with vice President barnsley, distance to escape the relegation zone and 8 point disparity, after we introduced Derby this team, the team is influenced by fiscal and subsequent custody, have to journey from 21 points to start a new season,If the points deducted had been added, Derbyshire would not have been in this position, but would have had at least 30 points.But reality is so cruel, they still have a trustworthy and at a crucial moment not abandon good coach of the team, “xiao pang” from the perspective of a after entering in January 4 games can only say that in general, three league games 1 win 1 draw, although the recent general but the whole team in points at home when efficiency is high, 12 home alone 2 defeat,In terms of offensive and defensive statistics, the attacking ability of the team is relatively average, less than 1 goal per game, but the team’s defense is relatively good, equal to the number of goals scored, 26 goals conceded, in the English Championship can also be regarded as a relatively small part of that.Visiting Birmingham are currently 19 in the table on 32 points, with eight wins, eight draws and 12 defeats in one game more than Derby County. They are 12 points above the relegation zone and do not need to avoid relegation.A draw at Preston and a 4-goal defeat at Fulham were the only games in the last four, but the last two games have seen a clear improvement, with four points in the two unbeaten matches.The team’s away ability is relatively average, losing half of the 14 away games, and winning 3 games recently. Also, the difference between home and away can be obviously felt at both ends of offense and defense.Combined with the current fundamentals of the two teams, although The ranking of Derby county is absolutely underdog, but the above also said that this year’s Derby county can not be determined by points, single round strength of Derby county is better than Birmingham, but unfortunately Morrison got a red card in the last round, which was a blow to the attack on the constipated Derby.Derby county are definitely ahead in terms of mentality and physical reserves, having played two fewer games in January than Birmingham, despite having only a day’s rest from the previous round.This service returns to the home Derbyshire, in the face of strength is relatively weak opponents, I believe they will not easily let go of this opportunity, after all, they still hope to create a -21 relegation miracle!