How to meet the new stage of marketization development?The high-level Forum opinion collection is here

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China’s new energy vehicle market has maintained a rapid growth trend, new energy vehicle market penetration continues to improve, new energy vehicles to high-quality development……On the afternoon of March 26, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology Wan Gang delivered the opening keynote report, which kicked off the 2022 China Electric Vehicle Meeting of 100 “High-level Forum — To welcome the New Stage of Market-oriented Development of New Energy Vehicles”.Declining subsidies, chip shortages, rising raw material prices…Even in the face of heavy resistance, China’s new energy vehicles are still braving obstacles, since 2021 to achieve sustained growth in production and sales.In this high-level forum, people from the competent departments, research institutions and related enterprises focused on the theme, discussed the reform of the new energy automobile industry, analyzed the hot spots in the industry reality, and discussed the future development trend. They had distinct views and novel ideas, bringing a wonderful feast.Wan Gang said, to achieve the goal of “double carbon”, the entire automotive industry to fight together, as soon as possible to release the road map of green and low-carbon development of the automotive industry, to clarify the low-carbon as the core of the policy and standard system architecture, in-depth research on the carbon footprint of the whole industry chain is more and more important.The future management of the automobile industry, including policies such as double points, should move towards low-carbon direction.We need to break through the core low-carbon bottleneck technologies, strengthen the coordination of international rules, and work together towards carbon neutrality.Compared with the initial stage of relying on subsidies in previous years, China’s new energy vehicles have gradually entered a new stage of market-oriented development.Facing many tests, the trend of technological, industrial and market changes is more obvious.Miao Wei, deputy director of the Committee of Economy of the CPPCC National Committee, summed up the experience of the development of New energy vehicles in China.Second, seize the “lane change overtaking” pure electric drive development opportunities;Third, maintain strategic focus and stick to a blueprint to the end;Fourth, to build an enterprise-oriented innovation system;Fifth, the government will provide guidance from top-level design, technological innovation, standard systems, and fiscal and tax policies.”If we compare new energy vehicles to the first half and smart Internet to the second half, China’s auto industry has made great progress in the first half, but it is the second half that determines the outcome.”He said.Lin Nianxiu, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the development of new energy vehicles should adhere to the national chess game, focus on optimizing the industrial layout: adhere to technological innovation, focus on improving industrial competitiveness;We will adhere to opening up and cooperation to enhance the internationalization level of industrial development.He believes that innovation is the first driving force to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and the backbone enterprises in the industry should speed up technological research and development and collaborative innovation around the development direction and key links of electrification and intelligence, with the goal of creating first-class technology and first-class brands, and constantly improve their core competitiveness.”Efforts should be made to create a good environment conducive to innovation.”Xiangli Bin, vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, stressed that we should accelerate the construction of innovation platforms such as national key laboratories in the field of new energy vehicles and national technology innovation centers, and gather innovation resources from universities, research institutes and upstream and downstream, large and small enterprises to serve the development of the whole industry.It is necessary to increase the introduction and training of high-end talents in technological innovation of new energy vehicles in conjunction with relevant departments.We should make full use of bilateral and multilateral international cooperation mechanisms, strengthen international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation on new energy vehicles, low-carbon transportation and climate change, and encourage enterprises with conditions, foundations and capabilities to actively integrate themselves into the global innovation chain.To face a problem is to solve it better.Xin Guobin, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the current power battery raw material prices need to be highly concerned about the problem, serious research to solve.Xin said China will appropriately speed up the development of domestic resources, resolutely crack down on unfair competition such as hoarding and speculation, guide upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to strengthen cooperation for win-win development, and bring the prices of key raw materials back to a rational level.”Innovation is always the primary driving force for development.”Combined with new energy car, smart car industry and the internal relation between the urban development, vice minister of housing and urban-rural construction Jiang Wanrong, city is a new generation of information communication, artificial intelligence, intelligent snatched automobile new technology such as the biggest and the most important application scenarios, relevant departments will be around the city transformation and the needs of the development of high quality,We will promote the establishment of a number of scientific and technological innovation centers and innovation laboratories for urban and rural development, speed up breakthroughs in key low-carbon and digital technologies, including the collaborative development of smart city infrastructure and intelligent connected vehicles, and accelerate the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements in cities.The development of new energy vehicles is not only the direction of the transformation of the automobile industry, but also the realistic basis for the transformation and upgrading of automobile enterprises.Today, in the face of new problems brought by market and trade uncertainties, from traditional car companies to new car manufacturers, they are accelerating the transformation and upgrading, overcoming difficulties and striving to make progress.”It is expected that the supply and demand balance of lithium resources will return to normal in two to three years.”China’s electric cars, vice President of the committee, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences ming-gao ouyang for recent power battery raw materials prices, said the current power battery material prices and lithium resources in 2016-2018 prices have the same reason, and compared with the previous round of fluctuations, due to strong demand and are expected to grow together with outbreaks,Makes the price fluctuate more.However, considering the deterioration of the global trade environment and the nickel price speculation caused by the russia-Ukraine situation, in order to cope with supply chain security, relevant departments should introduce relevant policies and take effective measures to crack down on hoarding and curtailing short-term price fluctuations, otherwise it will have a significant impact on the development of electric vehicles.”It is suggested that the industry step up basic research and develop efficient battery core technologies to thoroughly solve the problems of charging efficiency and safety risks.”Changan party secretary, chairman Zhu Huarong thinks, industry organization led by polymerization enterprise form resultant force, accelerate the new battery research and development, strengthen the power battery anode materials are electrolyte study and research, the key techniques such as fundamentally solve user charging anxiety and security concerns, completely solve the problem of new energy vehicles used convenience.Based on reality, looking forward to the future, the perspective of auto companies is also more open.”The pace of change in the auto industry in the future may be faster than thought.”Wang Chuanfu, chairman and President of BYD Company Limited, said that on the one hand, there are more and more positive factors promoting the accelerated development of new energy vehicles from the aspects of technology, products, market and policies.On the other hand, the pressure of rising oil prices, upgrading of emissions, transformation of energy conservation and environmental protection industry and other factors restricting fuel cars are also increasing. The development of new things is never equal, from black and white TV to color TV, from feature phones to smart phones, that is, the transformation has been completed in just a few years.And the speed and efficiency of new energy vehicles in The Chinese market is faster than that of foreign countries.New energy vehicles not only carry the mission of energy transformation of the automobile industry, but also serve as an important carrier of new technologies and new concepts such as automobile intelligence, network connectivity and automatic driving.In the process of accelerating the intelligent development of new energy vehicles, there are not only traditional car enterprises, new forces of car manufacturing and auto parts enterprises, including chip, software and other enterprises, more and more technology enterprises are entering the auto industry, forming a new trend of integrated development of the auto industry.”The second half of intelligent driving is coming soon.”Xiaopeng He, chairman and CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, believes that at that time, the arrival of driverless cars will bring great changes. When all cars will be driverless, traffic signals will change, which is a great opportunity for change.”Artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and vehicle-road collaboration are reshaping the car of the future, the transportation of the future and the cities of the future.”Li Zhenyu, senior vice president of Baidu Group and general manager of intelligent driving business Group, said that the future development of transportation will continue to find optimal solutions to key issues such as traffic safety, traffic congestion and carbon emissions.In the future, vehicle-road collaborative integration is an effective way to solve the above problems and develop intelligent transportation, by which autonomous driving and vehicle-road collaborative integration decision-making can be realized.”Nowadays, more and more closed building Spaces, such as garages, underground parking lots, air raid shelters, etc., these closed Spaces exhaust smoke slowly, poor sight, difficult rescue, and put forward higher requirements for battery system safety.”Wu Kai, chief scientist of Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., LTD., said that it will increase research and development efforts from the technical point of view, greatly reduce the degree of harm after thermal control, so that the safety of new energy vehicles has been greatly improved, to ensure the safety of life and property to the greatest extent.Even chip companies are thinking more about how to adapt to the new needs of carmakers.Horizon, founder and CEO, said yu now auto chip enterprise business model, based on the chip, the open source operating system, as well as a variety of applications, all want to consider how to support the development of car companies, such as automated driving chip, with intelligent core ability needs to improve, keep pace with the evolution of auto intelligent.”Smart cars are disrupting feature cars to a greater extent than smartphones are disrupting feature phones.”Chen Qingtai, chairman of the China Electric Vehicle Association, believes that this will bring more profound changes to the economy and society and bring more obvious benefits to society.In this automobile industry revolution, China’s automobile industry lane change has achieved some first-mover effect, which has won the opportunity for China to transform from an automobile power to an automobile power.Text: Zhao Jianguo Editor: Xue Yapei Format: Zhao Fangting