OPPOWatch2 new color announcement?There is also a new skiing mode, helping snow and ice sports into the public

2022-05-10 0 By

Along with our country accumulate gold MEDALS, the attention of everybody on the Olympics also constantly improve, in addition to skiing, skating and so on movement began to come into our sight, some games related products also received a lot of the love of consumers, such as snow ice mound mound and taking the mascot is a “a pier is hard to find” situation, popularity.Not only key chains, badges and other items, but also common intelligent products in life have launched versions with ice and snow elements. Just like the new color scheme of OPPO Watch 2 announced by the official recently, it demonstrates OPPO’s understanding of ice and snow elements.(OPPO Watch 2 glacier lake blue official announcement) According to the official publicity poster, the new color of OPPO Watch 2 is named glacier Lake blue, with light blue color as the main color, combined with light white transparent buckle, giving people a particularly refreshing visual experience.Watch strap on the fine line texture, like dancing ice left traces on the ice, like exposure to the ski resort or skating rink, with the Olympic athletes to a thrilling skiing movement.(OPPO Watch 2 Glacier blue poster) During the exercise, we can also use the new multi-dimensional tracking algorithm of OPPO Watch 2 to escort our safety.Especially after the open ski mode, not only can watch multi-dimensional to record the various data in the process of skiing, including ski trails, distance, train number, slide slope, velocity, length, head, etc., can also cooperate with custom ski dial, let users always understand detailed data in the process of movement, for sports skills in the process of ascension, provide reference to attack more difficult challenge.(OPPO Watch 2 is available in ski mode) In addition, the ski mode of OPPO Watch 2 can also monitor calorie consumption and heart rate in real time. Once abnormal heart rate occurs, it will alert users through early warning to avoid risks caused by excessive exercise.In addition, the ski mode also supports voice control and music playback. Even if you are wearing heavy ski clothes, you can enjoy smart experience through the OPPO Watch 2. Compared with the cold smart phone, the smart Watch is much less efficient.(The OPPO Watch 2’s ski mode can record all kinds of data.) Considering that charging opportunities are rare outdoors, the OPPO Watch 2 also has UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology that seamlessly switches between the two cores, allowing for a variety of practical functions and significantly improved battery life.The OPPOWatch 2 in Light Smart mode, for example, has a battery life of up to 10 days, which is enough to last us outdoors for a long time.(OPPO Watch 2 adopts UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology.) In general, as the new color scheme of OPPO Watch 2, glacier lake blue not only has the elements of snow and ice in the current fire, but also gives people a refreshing visual experience through light and elegant colors. The newly launched ski mode also adds some boost to the public view of skiing.Making sport safer is at the heart of this.If you’re also interested in the OPPO Watch 2’s new color scheme, keep an eye out for the event on Feb. 24 at 19pm for other surprises as well.