The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) : Regulate income distribution, including actors’ remuneration

2022-05-10 0 By

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently published a notice on the website of the 14th Five-year Plan for the development of Chinese TV dramas.It mentioned standardizing the order of income distribution, including actors’ remuneration, and promoting the use of standardized, institutionalized and unified remuneration contracts.According to the circular, the long-term goal of building China into a cultural power by 2035 should be fixed, and the development situation and conditions of TV dramas should be taken into consideration. The development goals of Chinese TV dramas during the 14th Five-Year Plan period include improving the guidance and incentive mechanism for theme creation, significantly enhancing the supply capacity of fine works, and further improving the modern industrial system and market system.The order of the TV drama market should be regulated, the notice said.Promote fair competition in the TV drama market, resolutely oppose vicious competition, unfair competition and market monopoly, prevent disorderly expansion of capital, encourage benign interaction between capital and industry, and guide capital to serve the high-quality development of TV dramas.Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in the whole chain of TV dramas, and enhance the awareness of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights in the whole industry.Strengthen the construction of the credit system in the TV drama market, and improve the cross-industry and cross-department credit joint punishment mechanism according to law and regulations.Guide TV drama production institutions to arrange production cost structure scientifically and rationally, strengthen cost management and income accounting.The circular called for standardizing the distribution of income, including actors’ remuneration, and promoting the use of standardized, institutionalized and unified remuneration contracts.We will strengthen the application and promotion of Big audiovisual data (CVB) in China, standardize the survey and release of TV drama viewing data, solve prominent problems in TV drama viewing survey, and promote the organic combination of data statistical survey analysis and comprehensive TV drama evaluation mechanism.The circular stressed the need to continuously optimize the market environment.We will improve the supervision mechanism of the whole chain and the whole process before and after the event, seriously deal with actors and institutions involved in illegal acts such as tax evasion, “yin-yang contracts” and “sky-high remuneration”, and prohibit artists who have violated laws and regulations from making their voices heard in TV dramas.The notice said market entities such as TV brokers and brokerage companies should be regulated.We will innovate regulatory means and mechanisms, modernize regulatory capabilities, optimize market services, strengthen the supply of information in the TV drama market and provide guidance for creative and operational activities, and carry out the work of informing and promising creative and production.Source: