The sergeant teamed up to help the alzheimer’s man find his way home

2022-05-10 0 By

Reporter: Wang Gang reporter: Wang Jiating, Bai Ziwei, Liu Ting At about 19:00 on January 25th, when a father without a mask was forced to take no.509 bus, the driver Gong Kan carefully found that his father might be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Gong Kan took the initiative to help him find his way home together with the police.At 19:36 on The 25th, when bus no.2385, 509 Road, arrived at Tou Dao Street station of Jiefang Avenue, an unusual passenger named Zhang Dadai (pseudonym) got on the bus slowly from the back door. The driver Gong Kan noticed that he was not wearing a mask.Gong Kan reminds Zhang daddy to wear a mask for many times, but he gets a wrong answer.Gong Kan immediately stops the car and asks Zhang daddy where to get off. Zhang Daddy is not clear. Gong Kan speculates that Zhang Daddy may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.And so on zhang dad looking for family contact, after an inconclusive, Gong Kan immediately and car passenger explained: “the rainy day, now dad older don’t remember the way home, need to seek police help alarm, will affect everyone’s travel time, please turn back a 509 bus, the driver behind I will be with good greeting, thank you for your cooperation.”Enthusiastic passengers all nodded and cooperated with Gong Kan to transfer to the next bus no.509, and praised gong Kan as a warm-hearted and good driver.When 20, head of the police to the scene, Gong Kan described in detail to the police, “today is off year, others are pandas eat meal at home, dad is separated with the family, or lost such a cold day, the family must be very worry, trouble the police must help dad find the way home” Gong Kan said, will dad on the police car,On behalf of dad’s family, the police thanked Gong Kan for his warm-hearted help. After dad was settled, Gong Kan continued to devote himself to his work at ease.