“Dishang Zao” dress up “Chinese red”

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At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 4, “China Red” attracted the world’s attention with its stunning appearance.After three program adjustments, more than 80 days and nights of hard work, Dishang Group has delivered a fine performance on the world stage.There is a big story of etiquette called summer, there is the beauty of clothes called China, under the attention of the people, “Weihai made” for “China style” added a thick and heavy color.A touch of “China red” amazing opening ceremony of the passionate melody sounded, the Chinese delegation finale, in the full audience cheers, “China red” amazing appearance, elegant, generous clothing incisively and vividly show the Elegant demeanor of the Olympic athletes.In November, The Disheng Group was given the task of making gowns for China’s 387 Olympic athletes.Facing this glorious mission, Dishang Group mobilized the resources of the whole group to make all-out efforts to overcome the difficulties. After 3 times of plan adjustment, details and accessories adjustment for more than 10 times, dishang Group finally presented this batch of clothes in front of people all over the world.Hard work for bright results.”All in red, like a rainbow” “Full of Chinese style, very grand”…On social media, Chinese and foreign netizens were full of praise for the Chinese delegation’s dress.Why is the dress high in appearance?Because everything is “haute couture.”All the dresses are tailored by the way of single single version. More than 40 top technology and technical personnel, such as craftsmen and version engineers, form a technical team to establish a body model database to ensure that everyone can wear fit and comfortable.In the body model database, each athlete has hundreds of customized indicators, accurate to the millimeter.”For example, the athlete’s hem -1 cm, 0.7 cm slip shoulder, these small data is reflected in the wearing effect, we require the most accurate fitting body, to show the high image of Chinese athletes.”Dishang professional tooling group project manager Wang Shuai said.Among all the delegations, China was the only team to wear coats, standing tall and slim in a pile of down jackets.The temperature in Beijing on that day was -6℃, wool material can really keep out the cold?”We are bold in the design concept, using cashmere fabric + down lining design, make the dress beautiful and not cold.”Wang said 800 grams of pure cashmere was chosen as the main fabric for the dress, and a detachable white goose down ultra-light down liner was added inside the dress, which can withstand the cold weather of -20 degrees Celsius.The quality of the fabric determines the overall finish.To this end, Dishang in the raw material sorting, spinning, weaving and other links have a dedicated team responsible for the control, quality constantly “high”.According to introducing, bright-coloured “Chinese red” from 230 kinds of different shades of red layer by layer choose, colour is lively do not break solemn again.The production of white suits for male athletes is so demanding that only one of the few white woollen cloth workshops in Korea have been opened in order to prevent the white woollen cloth from being stained.In the production process, quality inspection is strictly controlled over specifications.In the quality inspection process, the national standard cloth inspection speed of 18 meters per minute is reduced to 10 meters per minute, so that every inch of fabric can stand the test.The shape is crisp, showily generous, this body “war clothes” no matter the movement all can withstand the cold, withstand the test of “long gun short gun”, the Olympic athletes every move, great country demeanor shows.”Made in Weihai” shows the strong vitality of the industry. The dress presented this time is truly “made in Weihai” : the whole set of clothing is completed by Dishang Group from the research and development of raw materials to the production of the version, and then to the later production of large goods.Behind the stunning visual effect, it shows the breakthrough of the whole chain of technological production, highlighting the strong cohesion of the fashion and leisure sports product industrial cluster in our city.Compared with the past, this mission added the production of raw materials.To this end, Dishang Huaqi set up a special production line, the original 30 days of production cycle compressed to 12 days, at the same time, dishang Clothing technology RESEARCH and development center and Dishang Huasheng to create intelligent production line production at full capacity, completed the task in advance, by the Olympic Organizing committee unanimously affirmed.Under the wave of new and old kinetic energy conversion, Dishang Group also sends force to the two ends of the smile curve, the Winter Olympics is a test of enterprise research and development design ability “touchstone”.In addition to the production of gowns, Dishang Group also undertook the production of specific protective work clothes, including service guidance, accommodation, catering, waste cleaning four positions.Use one word to describe the work clothes design, that is — subversion.The first disruption is image.Not only bright and lively colors, more ice dun dun, five rings and other Olympic elements on the body, a change in protective clothing serious, cold attributes.”Work clothes are the clothing that touches athletes the most, and we wanted to showcase our warm, uplifting image through beautiful design.”Dishang Medical Technology Co., LTD. Project manager Liu Haiyang said.In the comfort of the “code”, is also the subversion of protective clothing.The garment style of room service post is equipped with adjustable tightness in the neckline, waist, cuff and other places. The garment shape of catering and cleaning post adopts simple open-back apron system, which is convenient for single person to wear and take off pollution-free……These unique garments once again confirm the strong strength of Dishang Group in r&d, production, supply chain management and other aspects.”We are very proud to contribute to the Winter Olympics, and we will continue to give full play to our advantages and improve the public service level of the textile and garment industry, adding luster to ‘Made in Weihai’ and ‘Made in China’.”Dishang Group deputy general manager Zhu Hongtao said.(Hi Weihai client reporter Sun Yijia Correspondent Qu Fei/Wen Jizhe/photo)