Don’t count on Fernando if you can’t count on Tianyu Guo

2022-05-11 0 By

Chinese football has been making jokes and humiliations all the time, but from shameless to brave, why can’t we start from the basics?Lo guofu really wants to play, Fernando is really unreliable!You can’t count on Guo Tianyu. What else can you expect from Fernando?Can have been solid from the youth training, but how many can carry a heavy burden?So it makes sense to take the easy way out with naturalised players.When I was young, I thought my career was the most important, but when I got older, I realized that family should always come first.In fact, Guo Tianyu and Fernando as stupid, these two people think they are very smart, do not want to play for the country, in fact, they miscalculated, one to play for the country has a lot of money, two is to play for the country can exercise their ability, three is through entering the national team can improve their value.But these two people just leave the national team for family illness, especially Guo Tianyu, has done so many times!Don’t take the National football team seriously, this kind of player in Brazil, even want to enter the Brazilian national team door, wake up, only their own strong, can be respected Fernando is I think is the national football team’s most needed player, at this time, no matter what reason can not understand and forgive, unless the family died of illness!Chinese football has now reduced to win a game, so now the team’s team naturalized players only Alan and two other leaders being Chen ming-shu too, tandem, it feels a bit like themselves they Alan and two other leaders being Chen ming-shu too (two) wood is difficult, and fernando is fundamental, but also good lei, China, WeiShiHao, junmin hao, Zhu Chen jie, Deng Hanwen etc, can improve the strength.Much stronger than li Tie selected, Li Tie selected several personal relations of the players have not seen the ability to reflect, but also occupied the quota.Support naturalization, Chinese men’s football has been terminally ill!The Chinese Super League (CSL) has been crippled by the Chinese Football Association (CFA). Neutral names are the biggest mistake when they are too weak in the COVID-19 pandemic.There is no advertising effect, the rich are not willing to invest!The foundation and environment of Chinese and foreign football are different. The policy should be implemented step by step and listen to everyone’s voice, rather than blindly pursuing success and instant benefits.