Economic Observation: How will China’s Northeast Revitalization break the ice under the new Situation?

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(Economic Watch) How will The revitalization of Northeast China break the ice under the new situation?China News Service Beijing, February 19 (reporter Liu Liang)Against the backdrop of the impact of COVID-19 and profound changes at home and abroad, security is becoming increasingly important. How to safeguard China’s national security under the promotion of northeast China’s revitalization is becoming a new task facing northeast China.Experts recently in a titled “security and development as a whole, for the revitalization of the new breakthrough” symposium pointed out that in recent years, the strategy of rejuvenating northeast China to promote progress in economy injected vitality, but the broken problem of the development of the region is still in, need to further its development plugging point clear and borrow “potential” dig new kinetic energy, help to development and security in northeast China.Chi Fulin, president of the China (Hainan) Institute for Reform and Development, pointed out that northeast China is an important industrial and agricultural base in China, with an important strategic positioning of national defense security, food security, ecological security, energy security and industrial security.In the face of the epidemic and profound changes at home and abroad in recent years, balancing development and security has become an important goal of northeast China’s revitalization in the new development stage.In his opinion, as an old industrial base, Northeast China has a strong industrial foundation, a complete range of manufacturing industries, advanced technology, high industrial maturity, a complete industrial chain, well-trained industrial workers, and a good scientific and educational foundation. However, at the same time, there are still prominent contradictions between homogeneous industries and poor layout in this region.For example, the three provinces in northeast China have the automobile, petroleum and chemical industries, shipbuilding and other industries at the same time. There are problems of low-level and repeated competition, which restrict the safety and development of regional industrial chain and supply chain.In view of these problems, Chi Fulin suggested that it is necessary to speed up the formation of action plans for industrial integration in northeast China, adjust and optimize the integration of industrial resources in Northeast China, and strive to initially form a regional economic layout with complementary advantages and high-quality development by 2025.For example, in the layout of national defense security industry, we should focus on strengthening the industrial guarantee of national defense security, and substantively improve the status of national important industrial base;In terms of agricultural industrialization layout, it is necessary to integrate and optimize agricultural resources in the whole region, lengthen northeast agricultural industry chain with regional integration layout, and consolidate the position of national grain “anchor stone”.In optimizing the industrial layout with equipment manufacturing as the core, we should promote the dislocation development of regional industries according to the comparative advantages, strengthen the long chain, complement the short chain and so on.In the view of Tian Xueyuan, a member of the Academy of Social Sciences, development is the absolute principle, and the better the development, the safer it will be.To coordinate security and development in Northeast China, we should not only take the reform and renewal of basic industries as the lead and revitalize northeast China’s status as an industrial base.To scale management of modern agriculture as the lead, reform, construction, revitalize the northeast commodity grain base.At the same time, the reform of science and education should be promoted to reshape the highland of human capital accumulation in northeast China.We will accelerate the construction of ecological barriers and rebuild northeast China as a highland for ecological civilization.Northeast China is the old industrial base of China. How to take advantage of the new economic trend and regional advantages to realize the transformation of old and new driving forces and broaden the economic prospects is also an important path for northeast China to seek new breakthroughs.Jilin university school of economics professor, researcher at the Chinese state-owned economy research center yu-shan ji believes that in the era of digital economy at present, the arrival of the digital economy of problems emerge in endlessly, put forward new task for the northeast old industrial base in northeast, the northeast region should be in a digital direction, constantly promote the revitalization of northeast new height.He stressed that the northeast is the center of China’s manufacturing industry, although the decline after the reform and opening up, but the foundation of the old industrial base in the northeast is still there, the key to tap the potential of the northeast manufacturing industry lies in digitization.The digital economy will further activate northeast China in shipbuilding, steel, heavy industry equipment, petrochemical and other fields to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading.In addition to taking advantage of the new economic trend, we should also take advantage of regional advantages.Zhang Fei, vice president of China (Hainan) Institute of Reform and Development, pointed out that In recent years, Russia has increased the development and opening-up of the Far East region, and the economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia in the northeast and Far East region has been deepened.As the forefront of China’s opening-up to Russia’s Far East, the development of Russia’s Far East has brought important opportunities to the new round of revitalization of Northeast China.In Zhang’s view, There are broad prospects for cooperation between China and Russia in northeast China, and he suggested that the two countries make full use of the existing platforms to deepen economic and trade cooperation in northeast China-Far East region, deepen bilateral cooperation in energy, tourism, agriculture, education and cultural industries, and promote the effective docking between northeast revitalization and Russia’s Far East development.At the same time, we should give full play to the important role of Northeast China in china-Russia energy cooperation, make full use of its geographical advantage as the geometric center of Northeast Asia, continue to strengthen oil and gas cooperation between Northeast China and Russia’s Far East, and speed up the construction of a national strategic energy reserve base in northeast China.(after)