“Notice” does not meet the requirements will not be allowed to pass the brake, the Northern Jiangsu Canal strictly check “ship certificate inconsistent”

2022-05-11 0 By

In order to maintain a fair and just water transport market order and ensure the safety of vessels’ navigation and passage through locks, it was decided to carry out a special rectification work on the problem of “vessel certificate inconsistency” for vessels sailing in the northern jiangsu section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal.The relevant requirements are hereby announced as follows: 1. Regulation scope: in the northern jiangsu section of The Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, there are ships whose main dimensions, gross tonnage and marks are not in conformity with the contents contained in the ship certificates when sailing or passing the locks.Ii. Regulation Measures: The ship with “vessel certificate inconsistent” shall be identified and classified by the competent transportation department of the territory in accordance with laws and regulations;The owner or actual operator of a ship shall truthfully declare the information of the ship, standardize the marks and markings of the ship, take the initiative to present the lawful certificates, cooperate with the relevant departments in carrying out rectification, and consciously maintain the navigation order.Any ship that fails to complete the rectification by October 1, 2022 will not be allowed to pass the lock, and the competent transport authorities will investigate and deal with the ship lock operation units in strict accordance with laws and regulations. The ship lock operation units will cooperate to take corresponding measures, and the cargo transport and port operation units shall not provide water-related services.We hereby inform you.Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport January 24, 2022