PS5 China line CD/DVD market today 4159 yuan, Nintendo 3DS/WiiU store in March 2023 to close

2022-05-11 0 By

PS5 has not written for a long time, this ACG ridicule jun FeichenPAN today to update, according to a treasure PS5 host spot price today, PS5 China line CD drive today 4159 yuan, PS5 Hong Kong version CD drive today 6389 yuan, PS5 edition CD drive today 5526 yuan, compared to the PS5 spot price last Saturday,PS5 China line drive down 89 yuan, PS5 Hong Kong version of drive up 200 yuan, PS5 day version of drive down 72 yuan.As a whole, PS5 Chinese version of the host spot price continues to go low, increasingly close to the official guidance price of 3899 yuan, and PS5 overseas version of the host price is very volatile, especially the Hong Kong version of the host in rare stock, more expensive than the Japanese version of the host, this ACG ridicule jun personal or recommend so on the original price of the party party, and so on SONY capacity,According to the current situation speculation PS5 version of the host spot price should be in this year will be reduced to the official price or close to 4000 yuan mark, after all, before the PS official flagship store launched N PS5 original price set let many people successfully down the mountain, the buy early to buy, do not buy hundreds of premium to buy, let scalpers continue to keep it.Nintendo will close its eShop store for 3DS and WiiU consoles by the end of March 2023, according to the company’s official tweet. Gamers will no longer be able to purchase games and DLC for 3DS and WiiU.It’s worth noting that previously purchased 3DS and WiiU games and DLC are still available for re-download, and the online functionality is still there, so players who want genuine nostalgia will have to buy it before the store closes.At the end of March 2023, the eShop store for 3DS handheld and WiiU will be closed for free for all players. I suggest that you transfer all your family heir-family pokemon from the Pokemon Bank to the Switch or mobile APP Pokemon Home.In case the Bank closes and the family heirloom is not removed in time, the loss will be huge.Teasing you said actually such closed shop things done next to SONY, SONY announced it will close the PS3 before, PSV, PSP digital shop, players can no longer buy a digital version of the game, the three platform DLC additional content, theme, image, etc., triggering a large number of SONY players users protests, finally recognize the unintelligent, SONYCurrently PSV and PS3 stores continue to be available, but the PSP Digital Store will be officially closed on July 2, 2021.