“Paranoid National Psychology” in Ukraine under the Confrontation between The US and The West and Russia

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Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is said to have complained that the “Cuban missile Crisis” during the Cold War was named after Cuba, but everyone only focused on the United States and the Soviet Union in the crisis, but no one cared about Cuba itself!The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine has a similar flavor, with people only interested in what Vladimir Putin is thinking, what NATO and the European Union are thinking, what Joe Biden is thinking.Few paid much attention to what Ukraine’s “president Vasyl” was thinking.The Ukrainian president is of course not really called “Vasily”. It is well known that before he became president, he was a famous comedian.Vasyl is the name of the main character in “Vasyl’s Story,” a political comedy series in which he starred.Vassili himself is a middle school teacher, but accidentally elected president, make a series of political jokes, this is also as the protagonist he won all the fame, the result “play and excellent official”, really with fame and elected president.The real name of Ukraine’s president is Vladimir Alexandrovich Zelensky.The Russian president’s full name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.Apart from the differences in surnames, the name Vladimir could not be more common in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, three countries of common origin.Two leaders of countries currently on the brink of war have the same name.Historical characters of the same name are not hard to find.But it’s rare to have an enemy with the same name.After all, Russia and Ukraine share the same name, derived from the ancient Russ.Kiev Kiev is common ancestors rose one of the oldest political economic and cultural center, Russian and Ukrainian Shared spiritual home and too much, until it was genghis khan’s grandson batu great khan led the Mongol armies breached and massacre, the history of the bitter experience is still common memories of the hearts of both peoples.Last June, Putin gave an emotional speech titled “On the Historical Unity of Russia and Ukraine.”His point is not to reintegrate the two countries, but to emphasize that the common origin of the two countries should not be completely denied because of the fact that conflicts have occurred.The tearing between the two countries is mostly caused by external forces deliberately sowing discord and strengthening opposition.These external forces began with Batu Khan, the Great Khan of Batu, Mongolia, and continued to the anti-Russian countries of the west in modern times, as well as the right-wing forces of modern Ukraine that obeyed them.However, the “right wing”, as Mr Putin calls it, has become mainstream since the overthrow of a Pro-Russian president in 2014.No matter how hard Putin and The Russians talk, resort to each other’s ethnic feelings, Ukraine seems to still fall into a “paranoid type of national love and hate psychology” : do not deny Russia and Ukraine is the same ethnic, but regardless of all spit and hate Russia;The West could never be trusted to lean firmly and obstinately towards the EU and NATO.British and American military and intelligence agencies often exaggerate how powerful Russia’s cyberpsychological Warfare and Cognitive Warfare is, but it turns out that Russian propaganda against Ukraine has never changed this “paranoid national psychology”, and at most it is hacking to destroy Ukrainian government and military Internet communications.According to a recent BBC report, the Russian attacks have been so intense that Internet access in Ukraine has almost collapsed, but this in turn has fueled resentment among Ukrainians.From the disintegration of the Soviet union, Russia and Ukraine in 1991, independently to today has been thirty years, that is to say there have been more than a generation of new generation in Ukraine, there is no life in the Soviet union “between Russia and Ukraine unification” environment, there is no received a national history and culture of both sides to Ukraine, homologous, is in the “off Russia into Europe” society grew up in the atmosphere.The Pro-Russian president who was overthrown in 2014 was educated and brought up entirely in the Soviet era, and even holds Russian citizenship.But today’s “Vasily” president is 70 years old, 13 years old when the Soviet Union collapsed!The so-called Russian homology is just a distant historical “imagination”;The Soviet Union, once a big family, is now covered only in textbooks with the brutal killings of the Russian revolution and civil war of the 1920-40s, famine and starvation caused by forced grain collection, and the indiscriminate killing of innocent people by the anti-soviet movement.The Great Patriotic War against the Invasion of Nazi Germany, is no longer a common enemy of the heroic, today’s right-wing forces instead held high the red and black flag of the Puppet Army of Ukraine who took refuge with the Germans, killing the pro-russian Donbass region in the east!This article was originally published in The Journal Of Economics with the title “Paranoid National Psychology” in Ukraine.