The construction of Xiang ‘an Bridge has made new progress. The installation of the ninth steel box girders in haizhong Area has been successfully completed

2022-05-11 0 By

Xiang ‘an Bridge (the second East Passage) is a key project of the provinces and cities. It has been in steady progress since December 2018.Yesterday, new progress was made in the construction of Xiang ‘an Bridge. The ninth steel box girders in haizhong area of the project had been successfully installed before the end of the year.It is reported that in response to the call of “no work stoppage during the Spring Festival”, the xiangan Bridge (the second east Channel) project left behind more than 1000 managers and workers, striving for time to rush the construction period, busy construction, do “land and sea” without work stoppage.On January 27, the installation of the ninth trusses of steel box girders was completed successfully.During the installation process, the beam carrier of the project is stationed and installed on the same day, which greatly improves the hoisting and installation efficiency.During the Spring Festival, the project continued to speed up the construction of key nodes such as the main body of the BRT bridge pier underpinning section, the main body of the adjacent section of the Jialiao Reservoir, the communication of the roundabout road and the communication of xiangannan Road.Xiang ‘an Bridge (Xiamen Second East Passage) starts from the intersection of Fangzhong Road and Jinshang Road in the west and ends at Xiang ‘an Avenue. The whole line is interlinked at Huandao East Road, Binhai East Road, Xiang ‘an West Road and Liu Wudian. The total length of the bridge is about 12.371 kilometers, of which the bridge crossing the sea is about 4.5 kilometers long.The main line of the project will be constructed according to expressway standards, and the auxiliary road will be constructed according to urban trunk road standards. It is expected to be open to traffic in 2022.Last year was the highest completed construction output value since the construction of Xiang ‘an Bridge, 102% of the annual plan was completed.This year, the construction of Xiang ‘an Bridge will focus on three key lines: fangzhong Road tunnel on the island side, haizhong bridge and the communication between the two sides of the island.(Haixi Morning Post reporter Lei Yu Correspondent Lin Hao)