Three and a half million students were cheated and the case value was up to ten million!Beware of “online answers to help the Winter Olympics” scam

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If you participate in the Knowledge of the Winter Olympic Games will have a chance to win the “ice dun Dun” handwork, will you move?Taking advantage of the Winter Olympics fever, an online quiz campaign titled “Winter Olympics Knowledge Spread” recently went viral on wechat.But you know what?Up to 3.5 million people took part in the “charming Winter Olympics”, but it was an elaborate hoax.Xiaokui, a college student, said she scanned a QR code on a poster that read “get a Volunteer certificate for the Winter Olympics” when she saw it shared on weibo during the Spring Festival holiday.”The poster says that if you participate in the answer and share it with your friends, you can get a certificate if you invite your friends to help you.”Kui said that many friends around her have participated in these activities.”Some of them didn’t know about these events, but they were invited to help, and they joined in.”Kui said that some students paid 30 yuan to make the certificate, but after paying the fee, nothing came of it.These activities claim that the certificates of honor awarded can be used as the basis for college students’ social practice bonus points, scholarships, etc., and the top students in the national ranking can also get customized handmade “Bing Dwen Dwen” and other limited prizes.”It was shared on wechat every day. At first, it was all over the screen. I thought everyone was taking part in it, so I gave it a try.”Liang Min, a freshman from Guangzhou, also participated in the “Charming Winter Olympics” Knowledge promotion Ambassador activity by scanning the code in moments of friends.”I thought it was real, so I filled it in. Now I realize my personal information has been leaked,” she said.Liang min said that the question is very simple, a friend posted the answer on moments, you can directly fill in the reference.However, after answering the questions, I found that I still need to pay 28 yuan for the certificate, and also need to fill in the mailing home address.”I thought 28 yuan can buy an ice dun dun is ok, so I paid, did not expect to get nothing.”Many netizens said that they also received.Others shared their “certificates”.Some netizens say that the elaborate design of today’s online scams makes it difficult to tell the real from the fake, while others say that many people participate out of a herd mentality.On February 18, police in Nantong, Jiangsu province, arrested 19 people involved in a massive fraud involving more than 3.5 million students and more than 10 million people.In February this year, Ms. Li (pseudonym) in Beijing saw a poster in a parent exchange group for the “Charming Winter Olympics” Knowledge promotion ambassador activity.”Get your child a Winter Olympics Ambassador certificate…Elementary school, middle school and college students can participate, “it said, adding,” It can be a social practice for children.”According to the poster, the event is organized by the International Talent And Skills Training Base of The Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, and participants will receive “honorary certificates” and “Winter Olympics souvenir gifts”. They can scan the QR code of the poster or reply to “Winter Olympics” on a wechat official account.The organizers of the “China management science research institute international talent training base” website, a paper entitled “2022 national university students” charm the games and the games are knowledge dissemination power ambassador activity “article shows a report on the activities of the” red tape “, the article above pictures contain words “of the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Education”,The document was not found on the official website of the Ministry of Education.According to Tianyan, the main body of the official wechat account related to the event is Chongqing Crawling Shrimp Technology Co., LTD., which was established in September last year. The legal representative is Zhong Lei, and the business status is continuing. The business scope includes network technology services, graphic design and production, conference and exhibition services.After xiaobian scanned the two-dimensional code of the poster today, the page showed that “the page contains illegal or illegal content, many people complained” and “access to the page has been stopped”, and the registration wechat public account has also deleted all the push.By the police for further investigation, astonished to find out behind based on li mou fai (male, 38, Inner Mongolia), soup a peak (male, 40, jiangxi people) and others led, specifically for students in colleges of design all kinds of online activities, thus illegal for citizens’ personal information and swindled criminal gangs.On February 16, nantong, some two levels of the public security organs in chongqing, Beijing will be 19 suspects arrested, all the seized 57 38 section on mobile phones, computer crime, U disk, 16, and illegal access to 350 more than ten thousand citizens personal information, are the national each major and medium colleges and universities for students to participate in problem solving activities provided by online.After investigation, in January this year, the suspect Li Mou Hui together with Tang Mou Feng et al., without the official authorization of the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics, relying on the Internet to develop a “competition platform”, carefully designed integral rules and activity posters, to the public number, wechat group, circle of friends and other forms of promotion,The “Charming Winter Olympics” Knowledge promotion Ambassador activity will be launched nationwide.By the end of the case, the criminal gang relying on this “competition platform”, has illegally obtained the national college students in the personal information of more than 3.5 million, defrauding some participants to pay a total of more than 10 million yuan certificate costs.The police remind the current network answer and lottery activities, most participants need to fill in some basic personal information, the event organizers can take the opportunity to marketing, attract fans and collect personal information.In the face of all kinds of online activities, the majority of netizens should keep their eyes peeled and carefully screen the organizers, especially when it comes to filling in important personal information such as ID number, mobile phone number and contact address.After winning the prize, the organizers asked to pay all kinds of fees before claiming the prize should be more vigilant, beware of being cheated.Shanghai News broadcast integrated from, Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Sina Weibo, etc. Editor: Yan Ping Editor: Chen Min