Byd reported January sales up 126.1% year on year. How are its models doing?

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As we all know, BYD is the “name card” of new energy in China.It has a deep accumulation in battery technology.Byd released its latest sales figures on its official platform on the evening of February 3.A total of 95,180 units were sold in January, up 126.1% year on year.From the growth rate, the continuation of strong performance in recent months.What are the specific ups and downs of its various models?Take a look.Compared with the past, BYD’s brand image has greatly improved, which is inseparable from the best-selling of high-end models.The flagship Han sedan sold 12,780 units last month, breaking the 10,000 mark for the fifth consecutive month, according to sales bulletouts.It can be said that in the market segment of the large car, has a firm foothold.The guide price of the whole series is 214,800 to 284,500 yuan, which is divided into DM hybrid and EV pure electric versions.For consumers, the choice is wide enough.The hybrid version has a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 192 horsepower.And it has four-wheel drive.Therefore, the performance is commendable, and there is no endurance anxiety.In the all-electric version, the 222-horsepower electric motor is available for the entry-level model, while the top-of-the-line version has dual-motor four-wheel-drive, which offers impressive acceleration and a maximum of 494 horsepower.The flagship SUV was byd Tang, which sold 9,060 units in January.In the same class, the performance is also excellent.It is worth mentioning that the sales volume of tang DM hybrid version was 8,847 units, up 481.3% year on year.It can be seen that consumers’ recognition of BYD hybrid models is getting higher and higher.Qin family sales in January exceeded 26,500 units, Song DM soared 2719.8% year-on-year in 2021 car market, BYD Qin is undoubtedly a dark horse.Its sales record, so that more consumers have access to high-quality hybrid models.According to official figures, the Qin family sold 26,542 units in January, which is no doubt a terrible performance.Among them, Qin PLUS

The DM-I version sold 18,450 units.The reason why it sells so well is that it is equipped with excellent hybrid technology.Even in the feeding condition, its actual driving comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 km is only about 4L.For consumers without convenient charging conditions, it can be used as a fuel car.In addition, the price of this model is quite sincere, starting at just over 100,000 yuan.Therefore, at the beginning of listing, Qin PLUS
The DM-I is also officially known as the fuel car Disrupter.And judging by sales so far, it has.Byd Song, a compact SUV, also had strong sales last month, selling 22,449 units in January.Among them, the sales volume of SONG DM version was 16,411 units, up 2,719.8% year on year.The SUV is the same as the Qin PLUS

The DM-I is equipped with the same hybrid technology, so its fuel economy is also very good.In terms of pure electric endurance, it is 51km, 100km and 110km.For consumers, it can meet the demand of short distance pure electric commuting.Dolphin set another sales record, selling 10,602 units in January in 2021, BYD has emerged a new product line, that is ocean series.The first model, THE BYD Dolphin, sold 10,602 units in January, continuing December’s sales of more than 10,000 units, according to sales bulletins.As a new model, this performance is undoubtedly quite outstanding.The new car was born on the 3.0 all-new E platform, so the styling is different from previous BYD models.The wheels look quite rounded, thus giving the interior a lot of room for riding.In terms of design, it is somewhat similar to the Volkswagen ID3.But the price is much lower, the manufacturer’s guide price is only 96,800 to 124,800 yuan.At the same time, the dolphins also enjoy certain advantages in terms of vehicle and machine systems.In terms of power, the dolphin is also quite capable of playing, with the electric motor in the high-end model having a maximum power of 177 horsepower.For a small pure tram, you could call it a “gun.”At the same time, the maximum pure electric range of 401km.The entry-level model has 95 horsepower and 301km and 405km ranges.National car: by calculation, byd’s new energy car sales in January accounted for 97.6%.In terms of volume, it is already the largest manufacturer of new energy passenger vehicles.In terms of growth momentum, it is also quite rapid.But it is worth noting that it is affected by rising raw material prices and the withdrawal of subsidies.Byd’s official model of the official guidance price adjustment.Among them, BYD Han all models of the manufacturer’s guide price up 5000 yuan;Song PLUS up 3000-5000;PLUS QIN DM-I, PLUS Qin EV, Dolphin, Tang DM and Tang DM-I rose 3,000 yuan.Whether it will have an impact on sales in the future, let us continue to pay attention.