Go!To the sea!

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There is a blue “mystery” under the vast sea plain. There is such a team in East University. They vow to move the pace of East University into the sea.They participated in the competition with the youngest age, the shortest preparation time and the simplest experimental conditions. Finally, the two participating teams won the second and third place respectively in the second National Ocean Intelligent Equipment Competition.With the research on land and flying robots becoming more mature, in 2020, the School of Robotics Science and Engineering of Northeastern University set out again. This time, they will expand their research field to the ocean, and strive to leave the footprints of “Todai Robot” in the depths of the sea.The “Heart of the Ocean” team was born under the organization of Professor Xu Hongli to shoulder this mission, and started a new journey of underwater robot research at Northeastern University.Their will like a diamond as resolute zhiyuan hunnan night, quiet quiet, building B 204 conference room is still brightly lit, Xu Hongli and Ru Jingyu two teachers and students are discussing the preparation plan.They looked back at the zhanjiang event the year before and analyzed the challenges of each event in the real ocean.”In the actual offshore environment, the visibility of underwater vision will be very low, perhaps less than one meter, which will put a very high requirement on the accuracy of our underwater visual recognition algorithm and autonomous control.””At the same time, it’s a good training opportunity for people to get in touch with actual underwater operations through the underwater robot,” xu said.Due to the limitations of basic knowledge and practical experience, it is not easy for sophomores to win the competition in less than half a year.”But we always believe that if we work hard enough, we can achieve good results.”Captain Jiang Xiangjie said.In this way, the youngest “robot” innovation team at Northeastern University accepted the “declaration of war” from the sea.The National Underwater Robot Competition is guided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. At present, it is the only high-end underwater robot competition in the real offshore environment and the highest level competition in the field of underwater robot in China.The competition adopts zhanjiang and Dalian double competition mode.Among them, the dalian site “with natural full open grab wild/range of the real sea seafood as the goal, focus on the real Marine environment underwater robot autonomous recognition and independent work ability of competition, request team within the allotted time manipulation of the underwater robot, completed smoothly diving, capture seafood, a round trip, fixed on the four links, etc.In August, all the team members were surprised when the information of all the participating teams was released. The teams from other universities were made up of master’s and doctoral students, and it was extremely difficult to stand out in these “master’s and Doctoral students” teams.In the face of such great pressure, team members did not flinch. They repeatedly referred to data books and read professional literature for lack of knowledge.If there is a gap in practice, accumulate experience in the laboratory and mull over every process and step.The entire “Heart of the Sea” crew stayed on campus throughout the summer.”Students endure the high temperature and carry out experiments day after day. An experimental project may need repeated calculation and data entry, which is a great test for patience and energy.”As a teacher, sometimes even if I see problems in their experiments, I can’t directly point out how to do them, but try to guide them to find the right way of thinking.Only in this way, students can reflect on their mistakes and grow up in hone.Only when they find problems and solve them in the long run can they be impressed and succeed on the field.””Ru Jingyu said significantly.One night, Rujingyu hurried back to school to get the materials. When she passed by the lab, she found the door open by a small crack.As he got closer, he was relieved to see what he saw.It is already 11 o ‘clock in the night, we are still concentrating on guarding the equipment, responsible for the operation of grasping arm Chen Chen students are still debugging the afternoon just input data.”As a teacher, I felt sorry for them. I was afraid that they might suffer bad health. I sent them back to their dormitory at the first time.””Teacher Ru recalled.Due to geographical differences, teams in coastal cities have an innate geographical advantage in understanding the Marine environment better than inland teams.One of the most representative points is the understanding of seawater corrosion.The sea water in Dalian is dark blue, which is a rare low-temperature and high-salinity water quality in China. This feature makes for high-quality seafood, but it also brings no small challenge to the participating teams.Metal components are corroded much faster in seawater than in fresh water, and the higher the salinity, the faster the corrosion.”Due to the limited preparation time and experimental conditions, the pool we used in the experiment was simply surrounded by plastic sheets and filled with ordinary fresh water. During the normal experiment, the corrosion of the components rarely occurred.We discovered after participated in the preliminary contest, real Marine environment is much more complex, high winds, waves and salinity will cause huge impact to match, especially salinity the implicit interference factors, as long as the touch once the water of the sea, the fuselage, obvious corrosion will occur if the surface of the water not dry in time, this kind of situation will be more obvious.”Chen Chen introduced the main force of the competition.So, to ensure the robot’s fuselage didn’t corrode further, Jiang and his male teammates carried plenty of fresh water to the center of the arena, where they would rinse it after each game.Sure enough, the corrosion of the robot was reduced a lot, and the good machine condition also laid the foundation for the normal performance of the final.Jiang xiangjie recalled: “The jinshitan wind is really very strong, sometimes against the wind to carry water for a distance, breathing is a little hard, but to keep the robot in the best condition, we are full of effort.”Each “spray” is brilliant!For the operation experiment of underwater robot, the process from entering the water to entering the seabed is very important. Both the entering Angle of the fuselage and the entering posture of the grasping arm will affect the subsequent grasping situation.In order to complete the grab safely and smoothly, it is necessary to cooperate closely with the fuselage control group and the target grab group. It can be said that every detail determines the final success or failure.At the competition site, Dong Chenhao, who is in charge of the main engine operation, kept his eyes fixed on the operator and controlled the depth and speed of the dive. Too slow will affect the continuity of subsequent movements. Too fast will disturb the sediment in the sea, make the vision more dim, and may even touch the bottom of the sea and damage his arm.In order to remember all the typical failures he had encountered before, he kept a notebook in his pocket. Whenever he had spare time, he would take it out and read it again, and he would record his own experience and operations at any time.In order to be able to safely operate every link on the field.It is his tacit cooperation with the team members that the robot successfully completed the diving link.Team set up time is so short, but the experiment site there are a lot of limitations, whether it is the truth of pool, or water simulation degree than other colleges and universities, under the condition of such extremely simple, the students and the lack of competition experience, how to ensure that play out in each experiment the most close to actual combat level?Xu Hongli gave the answer: “The students are young and inexperienced, so they are more likely to fail than the experienced ones. But they never stop because of failure. They spend the whole summer vacation preparing for and practicing in the lab.Ocean heart!Neusoft heart!The “Heart of the Ocean” team is composed of two teams, who are comrades and rivals on the field.As the core component controlling robot operation, electrically operated ROV plays a crucial role.When they are running properly, the eight propellers connected to them are also running properly, and if one OF the ROVs fails, the robot loses the ability to move and cannot move.Among the common faults, ROV chip burning is the most troublesome.The Heart of the Sea team also encountered this problem during the competition.The situation was urgent. In order to let the first team represent The University and maintain the absolute advantage in the final, the students of the second team took off their ROV components and gave them to the first team without hesitation.When the electric adjustment indicator light showed normal debugging, the propeller began to operate that moment, everyone’s face showed a happy smile.Finally, with the joint efforts of the two groups of students, team one won the silver prize and team two won the bronze prize.Liu Ziyi, a first-team player, said: “We couldn’t have won the final without the efforts of the second team. Success belongs to both our teams!””The students are still young, and such a situation can not be achieved without the school’s education to them in daily life. The sense of belonging of all the MEMBERS of THE University contributes to the achievement of today’s ‘Heart of the Ocean’, and also gives thousands of students of the University confidence to face difficulties.””Ru Jingyu sighed.”The Heart of the Ocean” has experienced from scratch to overcome all difficulties to achieve today’s achievements, all of which cannot be separated from the background of “Unremitting self-improvement, unity of knowledge and action” of Northeastern University. I believe that more young people of The University will take solid steps towards the future of science and technology power!