Guess lantern riddles, draw blind bags, turn the prize plate surprise lit the new semester

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With the footsteps of the New Year, to meet the festive taste of the New Year, the quiet campus was a sound of childish laughter wake up, we started school!Report on February 15, is the children’s time, is also a traditional festival Lantern Festival, in order to create a happy and meaningful school New Year atmosphere, let the new semester, there is a good beginning of xi ‘an high-tech zone first ShiWuXiao learn in advance prepared rich variety of activities for the children and the New Year, let the students to deepen the experience of the traditional Chinese festivals and traditional culture,Let everyone feel the warm atmosphere like “home” in school.Red lanterns hung high, colorful lantern riddles bright campus.Early in the morning of 15th, teachers stood at the school gate early in the morning, lined up to greet the children “returning home”, and exchanged New Year’s greetings with the students.At the school gate, teachers open their warm and warm arms, and transfer their love, warm heart and peace of mind. The lantern Riddles arranged by the school in advance make the campus full of festive atmosphere.Dressed up in red lanterns, children’s faces are also filled with the joy of school.Below the lantern is a dazzling array of beautiful things, riddles are varied, wonderful, there are guessing traditional festivals, there are guessing puzzles, there are guessing place names, there are guessing idioms…Students surrounded by high red lanterns, high spirits, and students heated discussion.Each bright smiling face renders the happy and peaceful atmosphere of the festival, and the children experience, feel, think and express with their heart, becoming a part of the inheritance of national culture.”I miss you!”You’re growing again!””What’s new in the New Year?Through the hall full of joy and laughter, the children finally met the teachers who had been waiting for them in the classroom, and met the partners they used to get along with every day.Warm blackboard layout, full of good wishes for the new semester;Neatly placed new textbooks, sending out a rich fragrance of books;The class set up blind bag, spin frisbee and teachers prepared small gifts, let the children surprised again and again.With the sound of clear and sweet “teacher, happy New Year!””Hi, long time no see!Teachers and students greet each other, students hug each other, full of thick warmth, happy campus life is about to open!Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Cheng Jing