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Guessing lantern riddles, also known as playing lantern riddles, is a unique traditional Chinese folk entertainment activities, since the Southern Song Dynasty, China has the custom of guessing lantern riddles.”Wu-lin Old Story · Deng-pin” records: “When writing poems with silk lamp scissors, it combines ridicule, drawing characters, concealing allusions, and old gag in Beijing, teasing pedestrians.On this festival of family reunion, the National Archeological Park of the Imperial Palace of the Capital of Ming Dynasty held an activity of “guessing lantern riddles, winning lanterns, decorating lanterns and making Lantern Festival”.Online activity: from now to February 14, 2022 Offline activity: February 15, 2022 II. Activity Flow The activity is divided into online and offline activities, with 15 online lantern riddles and 25 offline lantern riddles.1. Online activities :(1) the answer to the riddle will be pushed through the official wechat public account of national archaeological site park of fengyang and mingzhong imperial capital of China;(2) Participants send their names, contact numbers and answers to 5474911401@qq.com;(3) After the end of the activity, the staff counted the list of winners and telephoned the participants to claim the prizes.2. Offline activities :(1) on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month (February 15), the whole day of the lantern riddle guessing will be held in the visitor center of the ruins park;(2) The winner of the riddle will receive the prize on the spot.3.1. Please fill in your personal information such as “name” and “telephone number” accurately as required, and send your personal information and answer to the riddle as one message. If you send them separately, it will be invalid.2. Participants can choose any number of answers to the riddles. When answering online activities, the answers to the riddles need to correspond to each other according to the serial number. The standard reply format is as follows: Name + contact information + riddle + riddle 3.The final result of guessing lantern riddles is based on the response time of correct answers, and the winner is determined.The winner will be the first person to answer the correct answer to each riddle, and each winner will receive only one prize.4. For offline activities, if you answer the questions on the spot, you will get the prize.5. All participants are deemed to have read and agreed to abide by the rules of the event. The Management Office of Mingzhongdu Imperial City National Archaeological Site Reserves the right to interpret the event.Lantern riddles: 1. clap a slap (hit a place name)2. seven fairies marry out a (hit an idiom)3.Up and down, not up and down (guess a word)4. river falls yen (guess an idiom)5. xianle (play a idiom) 6.Weightlifting competition (hit an idiom) hope to break the south flying goose (hit a common idiom) beat a slap (hit a place name)Red lady, climbing a tall building, her heart hurts and tears run down her cheeks.He was born on a cliff, falls on somebody else, pours cold water over his back, cuts himself to pieces.The eve of Tomb-sweeping Day (a traditional festival) the passing of death (an idiom)National Archaeological Site Park of the Emperor’s Ancient City of The Ming Dynasty